World War I did not start during the last days

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  • rebel8

    That is funny. The reason I was given was that the US was not involved until autumn, meaning it was not as significant until the King of whatever was involved......also it could not be considered to be a fulfillment of prophecy as being a world war if the US was not involved.

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    Prophecor, you look pretty hot for a guy!
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  • aniron
    Jehovah's Witnesses place great emphasis on World War I proving that the last days started in 1914

    But wasn't Russel's teaching at the time that 1914 marked the END of the last days. That Armageddon in 1914 was supposed to be the culmination of of them.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    the wt was teaching till the 1930's that the time of the end started in 1799. and that jesus returned in 1874 fought with satan till 1878 then took over kingdom power. and 1914 was not the beginning of the end but the FINAL END. THEY STRECHED IT OUT WHEN WW1 STARTED TO SAY WW1 WAS ARMAGEDDON. TELL YOUR STUDY INSTRUCTOR TO GET THIER FACTS STRAIGHT.....JOHN

  • jwfacts

    Johnny you are right about what was originally said was the reason, but as with most things the WTS changes it's reasons over time.

    I found the article that the elder must have taken his info from. w72 6/1 p.351 says " The start of that sanuinary conflict was doubtless part of his scheme to blind persons to what had happened in the heavens in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy and also, if at all possible, to hinder the Kingdom from ruling over the world of mankind."

    Love the typical WTS speak. 1914 was doubtless to be the end. Now it is doubtless that it was the start and doubtlessly Satan chose the wrong month to start WWI for the reason to blind everyone. Words like doubtless generally precede Watchtower statements that have absolutely nothing to back them up, an effective way to stop the mindless reader questioning the validity.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    JW FACTS; if your having a active study now with a jw pioneers etc. i would press 1874 1799 1878 1844. 1873 being the end of 6000 years etc. down their throat. i understand what they are trying to throw at you. thats all revisionist history. which is nothing more than the wt lying and your study conductor being IGNORANT OF THE FACTS. i would never let a jw get away from this. time to hold your ground. go to there are hundreds of pages of this stuff you can find under the false prothecy page. print it out and be the man in the truth and make your teacher look like a DOPE... GOOD LUCK JOHN

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    The start of that sanguinary conflict was doubtless part of his scheme to blind persons to what had happened in the heavens in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy... -- w72 6/1 p.351

    So Satan blinded people so that they couldn't see something that was invisible?

    ... and what's the word for when a person "sees" invisible things?

    It's OBVIOUS Christ is ruling! Why else do we have TiVO and the iPOD? Marvels of the millennium rain upon us!

  • heathen

    Jeezus H cahrist . You mean it's easier to say that satan made a smoke screen than to admit a wrong date ? The WTBTS does have alot invested in 1914 so I don't think they can give that up but they could admit having the wrong month or something other than a totally idiotic statement like satanic smoke screen .

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