"I Would've Never Known God's Name Is Jehovah Unless I Became A JW"

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  • minimus

    Yeah but, "Jehovah" is better than "Yahweh".

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    What would you say in response?

    Mom - back when Russell and gang started this new religion, the use of Jehovah for God's proper name was not all that unusual. Many old hymm books, and some more modern ones use it. Dozens of Bible Commentaries, dictionarys, and a bunch of Bible translations use it. If u watch a few hours of Christian programs on Tv, or listen to a few Bible based programs on the radio, you will hear that name used fairly often.

    The continuous claim of that name being used exclusively by JW's is simply not true. It is an effort to hold you captive, Little else.


  • onesong

    You could encourage her to read the appendix in the back of the reference NWT where they admit that there is NO evidence that the Divine name appeared in any New Testament manuscripts. Over 5000 different texts comprise the NT cannon and not once does the name Yahweh appear. It's right in their own bible but hardly any JW's know it!

  • Pistoff

    I would ask, why did the name fall into disuse? Why is it important in a time such as ours, when if someone says God, you realize who is being discussed.

    In the day of Abraham, if you used the word God, it could have been any of a number of gods in even the jewish belief system.


  • mouthy

    I might show her from the WTS literature how Yahweh is actually more accurate.

    And also I would bring out the the NAME ABOVE ALL OTHERS IS JESUS!!!

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