"I Would've Never Known God's Name Is Jehovah Unless I Became A JW"

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  • minimus

    So says my mom who is seeing that much of the "truth" isn't really all that true but she is stuck on "Jehovah" being God's name and how only the Witnesses make known his name. What would you say in response?

  • blondie

    But what do people think of when they hear "Jehovah's Witnesses,"

    God's Kingdom


    Jesus' sacrifice


    Won't take blood transfusions

    Don't salute flag/sing national anthem

    Don't celebrate birthdays or holidays

    (Where is God's name in those?)


  • TheListener

    That's tough.

    I might show her other groups that use the name.

    I might show her from the WTS literature how Yahweh is actually more accurate.

    Or I might just tell her that I'm glad she loves God and that not everything about the society is wrong or bad. There are some good things and perhaps using God's name is one of them. It still doesn't warrant giving complete allegiance to them.

  • ButtLight

    My grandma, who is a witness, use to be catholic. She said that Jehovahs name was in the catholic bible in 4 scriptures, but they removed it.

  • Smiles_Smiles

    I would say "Mom if that is what your heart is telling you is true then I am happy for you. I'm not here to try to change you to what my heart tells me is true for me. Find and embrace your own truth."

  • Honesty
    What would you say in response?

    That's great, mum. But what if they're wrong about everything else?

  • minimus

    Honesty, I like your answer.....Regarding Yahweh, she says Jehovah is simply the way non-Jews pronounce it so it's proper.

  • garybuss

    When a Witness says things like that, they are saying . . . I want to stay a Witness. It's my policy to never talk religion or Witnessisims with Witnesses. It's like trying to reason with a drunk on a bus. In fact, I'd much rather try to reason with a drunk on a bus than try to talk to my mother.

  • Finally-Free

    I was taught that Jehovah was God's name when I was in the seventh grade in my Catholic school.


  • minimus

    Gary, but my mother is asking good questions and is really coming around.... FF, isn't it great that Raymondus Martinus, a CATHOLIC MONK, first wrote Jehovah or something close to that?

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