What do you feel is truly and absolutely IMPOSSIBLE?

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  • AlmostAtheist
    But my experiences with absolutism instruct me to always hold out the possibility, however absurd the position appears to be, that things might be different than they appear.

    Well, that's kind of the point of the thread. I was interested to see what people took to be "impossible", given the evidence or lack of it.

    So far, few have offered any real things that they consider truly, 100% impossible. Blondie was even willing to say that she wasn't in a position to name ANYTHING as impossible. From my limited perspective, this seems like a mark of a healthy group of people. The more things on your "impossible" and "definite" lists, the less likely you are to be open-minded and considering facts in forming the lists.

    At least, that's my supposition. It is most assuredly NOT impossible for that supposition to change. :-) (But I doubt it)

    p.s. I know you're gonna try it... licking your elbow I mean

    And yes, I did try. And no, I couldn't. But I was SO close, I wondered if Gene Simmons could do it... Dave

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hi Dave

    Thou Hast Written, Yea and Verily:

    My list of absolutely impossible things:

    • The Bible is inspired by any god
    • The god described in the Bible exists
    • Dead people can kill the living
    • My list of impossible things will remain the same throught my life

    Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto. I would add something about stinking corpses reanimating and flying away sans aerodynamic vehicle or balloon. The Bible is chock full of nonsensical stories that no adult in full possession of their critical thinking faculties could ever believe literally.

    I would add:

    ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND A CHRISTIAN WHO TRULY OBEYS CHRIST WHEN IT COMES TO THE HARD STUFF. And I ain't talkin 'bout no hard cider neither, no sir.

  • Kaput

    Kaput, the next tile you need to have a bowel movement or to urinate, control it! At your young age you don't think of things like that, but, try it anyways.

    Tried it today. Yup, the ol' sphincters still work! Won't be needing any Attends just yet, Golf.

  • stillajwexelder

    Time Travel

    Travelling faster than the speed of light

    getting to a lower temperature than 0 Kelvin

    Getting a molecule with lower molecular weight than 2

  • MsMcDucket

    I believe that it is impossible to know God.

  • gaiagirl

    There are things that simply cannot happen because they defy the laws of physics, and then there are things that are merely beyond our technological capabilities at the moment. In 1885 or so, Lord Kelvin claimed that "heavier than air flying machines are impossible". Yet, within 18 years, they were a reality. Sufficiently advanced technology allows people to do things which would have been attributed to gods in earlier times. So, some things will never happen, such as already mentioned, reaching a temperature below absolute zero (because you cannot remove heat from something which has NO heat remaining). Similarly, there is a maximum vacuum which can exist, and no greater. Other things, such as time travel, especially into the future, MIGHT be possible with application of a very large technological lever. It is believed that travel into the future is going to be easier than to go backwards, and it may in fact prove impossible to ever return.

  • jwfacts

    How can you be so sure the dead can not kill the living. That would mean that spirits are impossible. How can you prove that to be so?

  • seattleniceguy

    >> How can you be so sure the dead can not kill the living. That would mean that spirits are impossible. How can you prove that to be so?
    Not necessarily. It is possible that spirits exist but lack the ability to kill the living.

  • MsMcDucket

    Spirits can kill. Over indulgence in alcohol has killed many.

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    to borrow another post from another forum...


    Is it true that nothing is impossible just improbable?
    The only way to state that nothing is impossible with any accuracy, or authority, would be if you knew everything.

    If nothing were impossible, then it would be impossible for something to be impossible. If that sounds strange or complicated, look at it this way - - contradictions can create impossible circumstances. The very nature of a rule that makes all things possible, rules out anything being impossible, thus creating an impossiblity by its own existence. The term "impossible" means that something can't exist. If all things were possible then there "can't" be anything that is impossible, and that makes the statement impossible by contradiction.

    A famous analogy is to ask a person who believes in God, "can God do everything?" If the answer is no, then there is something impossible for God. If the answer is yes, then inquire, "can God can make a rock." If the answer is no, then there is an impossiblity. If the answer is yes, then ask one more question, "can God build a rock bigger than he can lift. A "yes" answer means that God can not lift every rock (there's your impossibility). A "no" answer means that God can lift every rock, but it is impossible for God to make a rock bigger than he can lift. Either way, you have an impossible set of circumstances.


    My answer was going to be...

    It is impossible to fit a size 10 foot into a strappy size 6 stiletto.

    but, then I thought about it...and there's liposuction, reduction surgery, gangrene, diabetes, toe removal or amputation. *ew*

    so, it's really not impossible...just gross!

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