Great life moments

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  • daystar

    1> Becoming a dad.

    2> First sex.

    3> Various innocent memories of childhood.

    4> When I realized that my father is beginning, all of his own, to see through the JW lies, as tough as it is.

    5> When She and I first caught each others' eyes. (Alas, it was not meant to be.)

    6> And, you know, any good, wrenching, crying session to cleanse the soul.

    7> Each and every time I catch sight of a particularly beautiful cloud formation, sunset, or sunrise. (Again with the tears dammit!)

  • mrsjones5

    well the speed limit on most highways is 65 mph. The worst part of the trip was having a rental moving van that only did 10-15 mph uphill. We had a slow time going over the sierra and the rockies.

  • serendipity

    Serendipity's top ten:

    1. Becoming a mom and holding my daughter for the first time.

    2. Getting my bachelor's degree and then getting my first professional job. I went from making 3.50 to 12.50 an hour!

    3. Looking at my ex and realizing I now feel sympathy and forgiveness rather than bitterness. (Can't wait until this happens with my mother.)

    4. Getting a professional certification, recently.

    5. Making it through a presentation with a high level executive, resulting in extension of our multi-million dollar project and saving 50 jobs.

    6. The first kiss and touch of a new boyfriend.

    7. A special hike in Olympic National Porest in Washington, crossing the paths of deer and peering up at a tall waterfall and feeling such peace and contentment.

    8. First visit to the Oregon coast, overlooking a field of wildflowers on a brilliant, sunny summer day, feeling totally overcome and amazed by the beauty.

    9. As an 8 year old, riding my bicycle up and down hills and all over the countryside near a small Bavarian town.

    10. Seeing the glee in my daughter's eyes as we took a boat ride into Niagara Falls.

  • DanTheMan

    Getting a promotion back in 2004, and kicking butt and taking names in my new position.

    They like me, they really like me!

  • kiddotan

    This great, children seem to be the biggest thing for most wow

    Each and every time I catch sight of a particularly beautiful cloud formation, sunset, or sunrise. (Again with the tears dammit!)

    This so true goes along the line of remembering that being alive is pretty great sometimes

    Holding my neice for the first time (she smiled, truely she did, wasn't wind)

    Leaving New Zealand at not quite 19yrs old by myself

    saving a little boys life - the best moment of my life!

  • kiddotan

    oops and I forgot finding my man in a crowded room

    Hopefully he's not lurking today I love you babe

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