It's snowing in Seattle!!

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  • doodle-v

    *Waves to Princess, Gollum and Mulan*

  • arrowstar


    ACK!! *runs screaming from the thread*

  • Purza
    The world stops moving in Seattle when it snows. One inch on the ground and traffic is a mess for hours.

    I know. We were driving back to California from Bellingham in January 2004 and OMG we had a 4 wheel drive truck and no one on the freeway knew what to do (just after Seattle). The freeway came to a stop, there was ice on the road and the way the road was banked made us all start slipping. Just before we hit someone my husband drove the shoulder and went around everyone. Scary stuff.


  • liquidsky

    Sorry Princess! Didn't mean to generalize.

    I don't have anything against suv's or big trucks. I just hate it when the roads are icy and slippery and I have some dumbass in an monster truck (or any car for that matter) who think they're invincible riding my ass.

  • chrissy

    and the snowflakes were pretty. :)

    everyone at work was in freak out mode. but the thing is, in bellevue anyway, the snow wasnt even sticking to the ground. i thought they were all joking when they starting talking about going home early. lol. everyone in my dept. transfered their calls to me because i was the only person willing to stay.

    in the north east its not uncommon to place chains on your tires to get around in i find all the panic very amusing. hehe. :o)

  • Confession

    Argghhh! I go to Seattle once per year--it happens to be this weekend (my flight leaves in the morning,) and it's snowing.


    Here's a card for everyone that loves snow!!!

  • DIM

    This was funny, I showed up for work 1/2 an hour early, the traffic on 167 was pretty easy, the only slightly tough part was managing the hill down from our house - and almost every one of my employees called out because of the weather? I couldn't believe it, it was what we call a FLURRY in Philadelphia, or even SPRINGTIME!!! Too funny

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