Prince and the Kingdom melodies...

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  • On the Fence
    On the Fence

    I'm sure you've all heard about Prince becoming a baptized JW, right? I've been a Prince fan since the early 80's. Only been a JW since the mid 90's. Anyhooo, whenever I'm at the Hall (not often anymore) and that horrible, low quality taped piano music starts playing, I can't help but think "It has just got to drive Prince crazy to listen to this!" Here's this musical genius who taught himself to play several instruments by the age of 12 and this is the "spiritually uplifting" music he has to listen to at the meetings. What's up with that music?!? With as much money and resources as the witnesses have, you'd think they could at least have decent music to play at the meetings? Right?! I just hope that becoming a JW won't stifle Prince's seemingly unending well of creativity. That would just be a terrible shame. I can only imagine how some of the old elders who had never heard of Prince before must treat him. I bet they're watching him all the time and I'm sure they have many issues with his naturally androgynous appearance.

  • daystar

    I highly suspect that were he anyone other than "Prince" the star, and still acted and dressed the way he does, that there is no way they'd let him get baptised.

  • heathen

    Yah well you'd be surprised at how donating money for a kingdom hall would get somebody in good standing . They know how to treat celebrities .................

  • Finally-Free

    Personally, I like Prince's music about as much as I like kingdump songs. I say they deserve each other.


  • luna2

    I haven't seen Prince lately...I wonder if he has shaved off his exquisite facial hair and combed his hair into something more conventional. I wonder what he looks like in a plain suit and what type of bookbag he carries.

    I can't imagine what he thinks of the Kingdom Melodies...can't imagine him singing them either.

  • mrsjones5

    here's the most current picture I could find:

  • luna2

    Very dapper still...and she's lovely. Thanks, mrsjones.

    Now I can picture him trotting up and down the aisles at the KH in his glowing white pants, white shoes and bright blue jacket working the mics. LOL

  • prophecor

    If Prince is on the IN, then it's got to be The Truth!!! It just has to be!!!

    How could someone so rich and so gifted get caught up in it if it wasn't The Truth?

  • bigmouth

    Maybe the mighty Sex Dwarf will get Larry Graham in to do a bit of bass 'slap'on a few of the choicest kingdom songs.Patti Smith could do a duet or something with him.Who else?Hey this could be exciting I might start going back to meetings....

  • Dune

    Prince and a couple of other guys have a CD with a remake of some of the kingdom songs.

    A brother played it for us while we were in field service, the elder didnt like it too much, he thought they were jumping the gun.

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