trying to remember what I left behind.........

by ScottyRex 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • Perry
    Good luck to you too Scotty!
  • ScottyRex
    I guessed lol. I said, sorry to hear that mate. and thanks for your understanding on what i posted.It did mean something to me, and my question was what it meant others who once shared my hopes and beliefs.I don't want an argument, just was interested. I will be honest- still hold this belief, even if I don't follow it.
  • Athanasius
    The video used the soundtrack from the film Gladiator by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, works that copyrighted.  Did the makers of the video, whoever they are, get permission or pay for the use of this music?
  • Illuminated
    Athanasius those were my exact thoughts. I'm a fan of Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard. It certainly is copyrighted and no way would they want an association with a deceitful organization that uses mind control techniques.
  • Crazyguy
    This video is not original nor is the bibles idea of a hope and a resurrection of the dead original, check out where it all came from
  • Perry
    Copycat theory is dealt with here.
  • Vidiot

    ScottyRex - "trying to remember what I left behind........."

    Lame-ass Nicholas Cage movies?

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