JWs and Covid Benefits

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  • minimus

    Most JWs did as they were told and loved it soooo much they were at the donut shop within the hour.

  • BourneIdentity
    The typical morning is drive to a territory and take 8-10 houses. By that time, the group is ready for a break. It’s easy to sit and chat for 45 minutes over food and coffee. Then you have a person take a return visit on one side of town and then someone else on the other side of town and your morning is complete. Everyone feels great that they served Jehovah fully that day! 🤮
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    This may be a little off topic...but a misfortune this pandemic is having on JW Kingdom Halls is the neglect to the exterior of the buildings and landscape. I just drove by our local Kingdom Hall and it was a sight to behold. Four to five feet weeds growing all over the grounds. The place truly looks abandoned. There is definitely no pride of ownership and it really reflects badly on the God we worship...while the surrounding Churches landscapes are neatly manicured. I'm not for obvious reasons not wanting to show a picture of our Hall...attached, though is an image of what it reminds me of. It's amazing what 3 months of neglect can do to a piece of property!

  • minimus

    Looks scary like out of a horror movie

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