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  • BluesBrother

    As is quoted from the article:

    "it seems that Jehovah will re-create people "

    So, the resurrected have to be re created. In that case they are not the same people. Just new people that look like someone who lived before, are implanted with their memories. ..but it is not them.

    Without a belief in a human soul this doctrine falls down. E.g.

    If I were to back up all the files and stuff on my PC, then dump it and buy a new model ....I could have all the info loaded on the new one. I would then have a new computerthat " knew" everything my old one did . It may do everything my old one did, but would it be the same computer? No.

    Perhaps I am missing the point but since "waking up" to things this doctrine has not made sense.....

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    arent i the lucky one:

    i dont ponder these deep and confusing questions and possible answers.

    Why ? because i dont believe in god--or all the garbage about resurrections. when i die--thats the end of me. no ifs and maybees.

    but --theres always the possibility i could be wrong--and that i do come back after i die..but i will worry about that then....

  • smiddy3

    The Bible says " the wages of sin is death " Rom.6:23 , So death takes away the Adamic sin that humans inherited from Adam and Eves disobedience which resulted in imperfection for the rest of the human race.

    So once you die, you are no longer a sinner or imperfect ,and once you are resurrected by God Jehovah /Christ Jesus ? You are without sin or imperfection.?

    So you shouldn`t die again and if you do what for ?

    There are a couple of accounts in the Bible of a resurrection taking place ,are they still with us today ? No.

    Modern science in medicine has brought back many from the dead these past 50 or more years in hospitals ,have they died again ? yes ,why ?

    Well to me the answer is obvious.

    You draw your own conclusion .

  • JoenB75

    My favourite verse about dead people hanging out is Isaiah 14:9 about how the king's descend woke up the dead in Sheol

  • menrov
    8 For a number of reasons, we can assume that those greeting resurrected individuals will be able to.......

    There it is again....we can assume.... typical WT speak. First, who is the WE here? The leaders? The writers? Or all R&F?

    This whole concept of resurrected people being able to be recognized by other resurrected friends and family members is only to keep the R&F looking forward to a vague promise and as such, keep them inside the organization. It is a promise from the WT as it cannot be found in the scriptures.

    The Lazarus example is stupid as it was to show the Jesus was sent from heaven and had the power to give life. He could have used anyone but he liked Lazarus. It is obvious Lazarus was known in that community. The fact that others recognized Lazarus was to show/prove that it was the same person that had died 4 days before. It was not at all intended to serve as model of a future promise that resurrected people will recognize and live with their family.

    But it is a nice sales and marketing argument. (well for many, as there are also those that will be very happy not to see their family members anymore..... )

  • JoenB75

    Same thing with the body of Jesus. JW deny the ressurection of Jesus as pr John 10:17-18, Acts 13:35. The JW Jesus was created 3 times. The biblical Jesus took back his fresh flesh as a sign. But Christian bodies rot when they die and 1 Corinthians 15 does not teach the ressurection of their flesh.

  • sir82

    Does anybody remember the movie from a few years back, "The Prestige"?

    Highlights a particularly unsettling consequence of the "just re-create the body" idea that is, of course, much different than a "resurrection".

  • Vanderhoven7

    Those in the first resurrection are raised immortal with an imperishable spiritual body like Jesus. Evidently, (hehe) those raised physically to millenial judgment may still perish prior to or at the end of the millennial reign...according to Revelation if I am not mistaken.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    "We" are the ones who are told what we think and how to hold our tongue when doing tasks

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    As a kid I always wondered how Lazarus was able to get out of his tomb if his feet and head were bound. How did he see where he was going, how did he breathe and did he have to hop his way to the entrance, how was he able to get his hands and arms free?

    Seems to me a person who woke up from being dead would be quite traumatized to find himself in a dark cave bound from head to toe, unable to see where he was and struggling to breathe through the wrappings he was in.

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