Did you enjoy some of these back then?

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  • Mandrake
    I was bored to death this Sunday, and suddenly I remembered that it could be worse if having to attend the public meeting on a Sunday, even worse, not being assigned to the sound department, accomodating, being the mic guy, or reading the WT at the platform... Then I realized that I hated just "attending" and sitting at meetings, those "privileges" were the only thing I enjoyed and made my last months inside bearable.... Did you enjoy these assignments?
  • Justaguynamedmorph

    Yep. It broke up the monotony of the “meeting”. As an elder you could always manufacture something to be doing besides being mind numbed with repetitive s**t meeting after meeting.

  • smiddy3

    I remember when i must have been getting over this JW thing that i ducked out of a Convention to watch an AFL ,Grand Final from half time onwards at the nearest pub to the convention ,this was at lang Park ,QLD, in the early 1990`s ?

    Australian Rule, s Football AFL

    For some reason they did this a lot in the early days putting a convention on at the same time as a major sporting event in Melbourne Australia.

  • slimboyfat

    Absolutely, between taking a part of the meeting, and doing jobs, it was possible to cut actual sitting listening to an absolute minimum. Feel sorry for sisters who didn’t have this option, but they were inventive with toilet breaks and various “reasons” for going to sit in the library/second school all amounting to psychological strategies for coping with severe boredom.

    I wonder if the GB ever sit and listen to a full regular meeting. If they did they might be motivated to try improve them.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Car park duty, that was the gold card. For 20 minutes you could go outside in the fresh air, browse the internet on the KH wifi, or go out early and shoot the breeze with the previous assignee, shoot the breeze with the next one. The others on the same assignment were always ready for a chat about football, cars or any other common interest. Nobody was ever in a hurry to get back in. You could often spin it out to 50 minutes or an hour.

    Still a complete waste of time but better than absorbing all the toxic material from the platform like an infected sponge.

  • tiki

    I can relate. Lacking the requisite penis for "privileges", I was limited but always a very active commenter at audience partcipation meetings. It made the time pass faster plus I preferred listening to my own rhetoric as opposed to ignorant dribble coming out of others mouths. Also....the ladies room thing....they would pack in like sardines with their babies and toddlers and blab...gossip....the sound system was wired in and the rule was go in do your business and keep quiet and listen on so you don't miss a single gem of precious wisdom...but until some holier than thou ratted and there was a loving reminder from the platform...

    In one congregation deep into my fade there was a law that no one could stand in the back during meetings...except of course the future princes of paradise...the loving shepherds....

  • truth_b_known

    That definitely described me. The longer the session the more I wanted something to occupy my time. I often got assigned to help with the Accounts Department at Assemblies and Convention. I don't know how I could have sat through 8 hours of talks that I had heard over and over for decades.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Back when I was a "true Believer", I truly believed (see how I did that?) that I was doing Joe Hoover's Will and "serving" His People and putting Kingdom interests first.

    My wife even then always complained that I erred in putting our family in SECOND PLACE. (I was just trying to earn us all everlasting life!)

    head-banging-against-wall - Renés Points

    I'm just a "slow learner".

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I used to like being a corridor attendant and actually helping peiple at times. If I got a section my wife had to wake me up for the count. Parking, literature, food, were ok. Cleaning sucked as there was always some professional janitor in charge

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Our Hall was ancient, we actually had a sound booth for the sound guy to sit in and run the whole thing, mic volume etc. It was on a small platform in the back of the hall, tucked in a corner. The clock was just above my head. When no one was looking, while looking up a scripture, I would move the minute hand forward five minutes. When I ran the sound system the meeting was often over 15 minutes early. I had to chuckle since one brother was always over by 15 minutes. We got out on time. I loved seeing the look on his face when he looked up to see how late it was. He really scrambled to curtail his part. It was heaven.

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