According to History

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  • Finkelstein

    A bit over sensationalizing are we not ?

  • Gorbatchov

    @finkel, the country is on fire and anarchism is on the run

  • millie210

    I think a lot of us are feeling the residual effect that fear and uncertainty (I am referring to the virus) can have when people have to live with that in a sustained way. What's it been now, 3 months?

    Really all that's needed when the situation becomes that stressful on people is a precipitating incident. Then, the incident becomes like a match to dry tinder. I think that is what we are seeing now

    In the next few days, we should see a tamping of the fire on the looting and acting out. That kind of activity is not sustainable in a static way.

    It either has to gain a lot of momentum or it dies out.

  • Simonsez

    I have a fear that there is no national leader of the caliber of a MLK to keep on message and prevent looting. Looting is counterproductive period. I would have no problem with a peaceful march demonstrating for social change. Sadly many have co-opted protests for their own less than honorable intentions.

  • Simon

    You're just repeating the gibberish claims that dems have been making since they lost the last election.

    The simple fact is that Obama was the banana republic wannabe dictator who tried to appoint a successor, using politicized government agencies to do so (like Nixon level 100) instead of respecting the election process and democracy.

    Everything Trump has done has been legal and constitutional.

    It's the democrats that are against democratic process, that's why they are currently cheering riots and protests and pushing for a mail-in election that is rife with opportunity to harvest ballots and allow stolen / controlled block votes.

    Using the army against the people.

    Utter nonsense of course. The army haven't been used against "the people", the national guard is being used to regain order and control for the people. The rioters are a small number of people, a minority. Their demands and behavior should not override the will of the people, the majority of which do not support them and need protection from them.

    Go spread your BS propaganda elsewhere.

  • Simonsez

    Who are you referring to simon?

  • Simon

    Gorbatchov specifically, but anyone claiming that Trump is a dictator. It's pure BS.

  • dubstepped

    Funny how the country is on fire and I don't even smell smoke. What you want to be true and what is are two different things. That doesn't mean it couldn't devolve but it's not at this point. I live 5 miles from where riots occurred because Louisville had it's own bad situation (though not necessarily racist). Yes there are issues but as time goes by people will settle in, cooler heads will prevail, and hopefully some real changes to policing will take place at a minimum.

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