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  • abbagail

    I wonder if the driver being on their own "private religious trip" means they were on their way to an assembly or district convention? Or on their way to a Bethel tour? (What other kind of "religious trips" are there in JW-Land? lol)

    I, too, hope Jourles gets more info, because this is hard to figure out who did what. If Jourles gets no answer, I wonder if another attorney could find out (i.e. Kim Norris)?

  • abbagail

    Here's a thought: Westlaw has a 14-day FREE-trial period. If anyone has the time to make good use of those 14 days, you could sign up for that and search their database for cases v. WTBTS. Here's the link: http://www.westgroup.com/products/westlaw/freetrial.asp

    and here's what that page says:

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  • Jourles

    What I do not understand is, if Joel found these documents during discovery, then by rights, the Society's attorneys knew about these documents too, as he would have had to share with them this information that he found. Why didn't the Society offer to settle without having the trial start? They HAD to know what documents Joel had. Unless they thought they could shield themselves by having the plantiff sue one of the Jehovah's Witnesses corporate shells and not the WTBTS itself. It would have been easy for them to sue the one of the congregations and then have that particular corporate shell claim bankruptcy. Afterall, how many congregations do you know keep more than $1k in the bank most of the time? Joel's documents must have had something linking the "driver" to the Society in a strong way. My guess is, the driver was a CO, DO, or a Bethel worker. For them to make a strong link, I'm assuming the Society owned the car in which the driver was in.

    It really will be interesting to find out what exactly happened in this entire situation.

  • Gizmo


    I'll wager part of the out of court settlement, was not to make public or reveal what those documents contained. Hope Not

    Hmmmm, wonder if the R&F know this is how some of their contributions are being put to use, to increase the world wide preaching work...hehehehe.

    $1,500,000 is a load of money.

    Is this the first case the WTBTS lost?

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I was wondering too if it was an Overseer or Circuit servant or such.. Are they reimbursed for mileage?...That would make a big difference! When I was working and we had to go to a meeting...we would be reimbursed for mileage..We could sue the company if we had a wreck going to or from the meeting!

    Just a thought!..Maybe someone found copies of the vouchers?..


    ps..Maybe the driver had a "Champagne" breakfast and had booze on their breath!

    The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!

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  • Stephanus

    My guess is that the WT settled out of court to avoid a precedent being set. Not knowing who or what the "employee" was doesn't help us, but my guess is that they represent a grey area in the volunteer worker set up the WT has. A precedent set declaring this person as a WT "employee" could have been devastating. Could it have been a Bethelite on an errand?

  • Gizmo

    Good point Step,

    Can't wait to see if the lawyer contacts Jourles.

    Also did you see what's happening in the ACT?

    Hope Kelps is ok huh?

  • Stephanus

    I had no idea what was happening in Canberra until Hippikon mentioned it to me yesterday! Hope it gets under control soon.

    On the legal thing, as I said before I feel that this is not about secret documents so much as about not getting a judge's ruling on the employment status of certain WT officials.

  • chasson

    Waouh !!!

    If someone could have more info...



  • DevonMcBride

    It would be interesting to know how Joel got hold of these secret documents. Was another JW helping him out? If so, it would have to be someone with access to this information.


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