The Watchtower Superstore,Paradise For Sale

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  • Voyager

    Good Morning everybody:

    I have been doing some more investigating, and found that the reason that K-Mart is closing down, is because the Watchtower has opened it's doors. For those that haven't seen this web, it is truely a mind blower. The Watchtower is hiding behind Stoops Manufacturing Company.

    This site contains a gallery of 36 catalogs of merchandise, being sold under the guise of Stoops Manufacturing, and of course that means that (Brother Stoop) must hold a lot of clout around Bethel. Some of the merchandise includes:

    Field service organizers,Pocket planners,Watchtower and Kingdom Ministry holders,Catholic Bibles,Pocket Secretary,Bible computer games,Bible flash cards,Holocaust Remembrance Day Books,Zip donation purses, High powered magnifiers,Bible cases,Key lights,Coin holders,JW medic neck chains,Alarm clocks,Vinyl Badge holders,Latin music cassettes,Guitar music cassettes,Caribbean music cassettes,Piano cassettesSun catchers,Glass wall texts,Bookmarks,Posters,Paradise cups,Childrens animal music,Handbags,Briefcases,Poetic Bible riddles,Rhymes,Riddles,Miss teen service bags,Mag lite portfolio cases,Shoulder bags,Attache cases,Meeting cases,Paradise ties,Ladies service organizers,Elders file case bags,Under the coat service bags,Dog zappers,Art cards,Paradise coloring books,Photo Drama of Creation on CD,Discourses of Rutherford,Necktie organizers,Wallets,Magazine display holders,Pens,Glitz pencils,Highlighters,Fruitage of the spirit mugs,Lion and the lamb mugs,Car mugs,Biographies of the JWS,Agenda organizers,Bible games,Jehovah's GardenYoungs translation,The two Babylons,Books by Thomas Huntley,Holmes Bible Dictionary,Strongs Concordance,Vines Bible Dictionary,Videos,Bible number converter,The travels of Paul, and many many more items.

    I think thats enough to get some interest started. If you haven't seen this Watchtower coverup, then you have got to see how Paradise is for sale. Go to

  • Brummie

    Sheeeesh ... a "Kingdom" catalog store



  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Ok, I do think this is sickening. I never did like how some chose to make a living OFF their brothers and sisters. Still where is the evidence that The WTBS is hiding behind Stoops?

    Just wondering if anyone has information on that one.


    Agape, U_R

  • Gizmo

    A similar printing firm here saw the niche in the market and started producing WT covers KM covers etc etc.

    But it was made clear that the (b)org had nothing to do with it and received no kick backs

    But who REALLY KNOWS

    Actually if anything the society is prolly kicking itself for not thinking about it first, great way of making money

    Let's bring out T-shirts, saying "I'm a proclaimer of the GOOD NEWS of God's Kingdom"

    We'll make a killing

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  • Wolfgirl

    Ooo! OOO! I want to help Paul complete his travels...someone buy me that diskette.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Attention, Watch-Mart shoppers, we have a shekinah light special over on aisle three..."

  • LyinEyes

    I always loved my Stoops catolog and bought lots of things from them. They were very nice on the phone , and the prices were IMO very reasonable. I remember getting all of my kids their first little book bag there.

  • TresHappy

    The Stoops catalog was passed amongst the pioneers as if it were gold in my congregation. I hadn't thought about that company in a long time. Although I have to say, I got my book bag at Kmart!

  • Voyager

    The evidence that the Watchtower is behind it, or getting kick backs is the fact that three quarters of the merchandise, has names that the Society invented and not Stoops. For instance, Stoops did not put a name to the drama called Photo Drama of Creation. Charles Russell put a name to that product. Russell was the Society. No one is just going to stand by and allow a product that they named, to be used by someone else, and be sold , without getting some kind of kick back.

    Stoops did not come up with names of products such as New World Translation, and they certainly did not come up with the name Catholic Revised Version, yet all of these products are being sold, at a profit. If you named a product, and found out that someone else took your idea or named product, and was making millions on that product, would you not expect some kind of compensation?

    If there is anyone out there that thinks that the Society is not benefitting in some way from the Stoops Manufacture, then they don't know the Watchtower very well.

  • Shakita

    Looks like the Snoops have found a market addressing the needs of JW's around the world.

    Like...... I remember saying the other day that I really needed one of those "paradise ties" from the Snoops catalog. I have heard that they can be real "conversation starters" when out in service. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

    I must have been living in a box, I never heard of this company before.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Voyager,

    The copyright on "The Photodrama of Creation" expired a long, long time ago, and the work is now in the public domain. The Watchtower has no legal rights to it and cannot control who uses it and is not entitled to any portion of the profit made by anyone who sells it.

    You or I could sell it if we thought there was a reasonable market for such drivel.

  • detective

    I look forward to buying a "Lion & Lamb" necktie for all the men on my Christmas list!

  • abbagail

    I thought the Lion and the Lamb (mugs, etc.) would be a great new logo idea for the silentlambs movement. Maybe change the demeanor of the Lion (Watchtower Society) to have it's big mouth open with fangs hovering over the head of the little lamb (abuse victims). Then put the Isaiah scripture under it.... hint hint WT.

    As for Stoops, I don't remember if it was that company or others, but I used to buy the plastic book & Bible covers, banner year texts, biblical greeting cards, etc. from companies like this. If I recall, their prices for bookbags were rather pricey, so I liked the K-Mart prices better, lol!

    As for copyright on whichever items, there's a thread going about that very thing. I saw it yesterday.

    Stoops is in Missouri, so here's their company info from the Missour Secretary of State Office, FWIW... Of course kickbacks wouldn't be "recorded," lol...

    Street 10 N Elliott Ave
    City/State/Zip Aurora, MO 65605-1325
    Business Type: Fictitious Name
    Registration Date: 06/10/1998
    Status Date: 06/10/1998
    Status: Active

    1) Carl E. Stoops 330 Farm Road 1052 Monett, MO 65708
    Street : 330 Farm Road 1052
    City/State/Zip: Monett, MO 65708
    Ownership: 100%

    There is no Annual Report history for the Business Entity with Charter Number X00339956

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  • Gizmo

    If there is anyone out there that thinks that the Society is not benefitting in some way from the Stoops Manufacture, then they don't know the Watchtower very well.

    You need to prove statements like that. If you can then great, if not, then you are only lessening your credibility.

    If a good business person sees there is a need for something, and knows there is a market for it, they will exploit it.

    Like I said this company is NOT the first company to manufacture such items as the KM, WT, NWT covers etc, it is happening down here too, in OZ and I personally know the owner of the printing company, he is a JW not very active, nevertheless, a JW, he does NOT pay anything to the (b)org. He told me if he had to, he would not have done it.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Paradise For Sale

    One please. Preferably with a view.

  • Elsewhere

    Guess they will "stoop" to anything for a buck

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  • Voyager

    Well gizmo, if your so determined to defend them, perhaps you need to return to them.

  • joannadandy

    The scripture in Corinthians comes to mind; "Love your brothers as if they were walking wallets"

    I may be misquoting that...

  • Voyager

    I have to agree with my wife on several thoughts, and one of them is the fact that the Watchtower was even making money on us as pioneers. Even at a discounted price for literature, the interest was in their favor. More than this is the thought that we were taught that Catholic literature was pagan, and anyone reading those materials was to be shunned, but yet they are selling Catholic Bibles at Stoops, how can anyone not see, that there has to be some hypocrisy there. Even if the Watchtower could prove that there was no kick backs, they still are decieving the public, and using Gods Word to do so. Small children will want to take their coloring books, that their parents got them from Stoops to the meeting, because the children will classify them as spiritual materials.

    If there are some who feel that there is nothing wrong with this, then fine so be it, but I was a member for 45 years, and I always knew the Watchtower to do whatever it takes to put their own interests first. Unity at any cost, remember? Can anyone really grow spiritually, just because their coffee mug has the word Paradise on it?

  • Voyager

    Another thing to consider, is the fact that the Watchtower is handing over Biographies of jws, and then Stoops is selling them. Do you really think the Watchtower is going to do that for free? Divide and cover is the agenda of the Watvhtower. If you want proof, just take a good look at the Proclaimers book.

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