Do you go to Kroger/Publix/Wal Mart?

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  • Iamallcool

    I usually shop for most things at Wal Mart but I have learned some things at Publix and Kroger are cheaper than Wal Mart. If you are conscious shopper, tell me what things do you buy at each store to save some money! I am thinking about being a member of BJ, if you know of any good deals at BJ, let me know too. Thanks!

  • problemaddict

    I try to avoid all of those stores simultaneously. I really try not to support Wal mart.

  • fiddler

    Fred Meyers is part of the Kroger chain and I've had two kids (one still is an employee there) working for Freddies. I've met so many of the employees through my kids and even attended a 5 year anniversary dinner as a guest of my kid and I got the feeling that it was a very family like company.

    I shop there and because of my kids have been informed of some really great sales ~ 70% off sometimes! ~ on various things like Sketchers shoes and also electronics items. If you hit the sales, there are usually some great deals on name brand items. They have a great nutrition center and carry foods for those of us who are trying to eat more healthy at a usually better price than say New Seasons.

    I have only shopped at Walmart when I'm out of town visiting my family mostly because it is in walking distance to my mothers place. I don't shop at the Walmart near me because it is just down the road from the Freddies where my son works.........loyalty thing. In Arizona, Fry's is also a Kroger store and they also have the best in fresh veggies (IMO) better by far than Wal-mart!

    Guess that's pretty much a vote for Kroger!

  • skeeter1

    We go to Publix.

    And, We use some GREAT websites to SAVE $$$ on groceries. We am not affiliated with them. We only save money when we use it.

    First, It's $8 a month, less if you buy more months. You punch in your grocery store, including Walmart. It then gives you choices of styles of eating (from Left to Right, i.e. Vegan, clean eating, family style, slow cooker, manly man, grilling, party, desserts, lunches, breakfasts, dinner, low budget, etc.). Within each choice are dishes based on your store's weekly sale. You choose portions, 1-2 or 3-4, you want to make. It totals how much your grocery bill will be, by item. It's been 99% accurate. It builds a grocery & recipe list. All of this is "done" in 5 minutes. Longest part is choosing which delicious food you want to cook. The dishes have all been a hit, never disappointed. One of the biggest, unexpected hits was a zuchinni soup. It was Indian in flavor and absolutely wonderful. It was in the clean eating. Best of all, the mystery of "what to make for dinner" is solved.

    Second, (there is also an It matches the store's sales with online and paper coupons.

    Many times, fruits and veggies are cheaper, better, and locally grown at a stand. If it's in season, eat it.

    Hope this helps some of you.


  • nonjwspouse

    I avoid wal mart , it is my last stop but there are specific things I do go there for.

    First overall stop is the local produce stand.

    First store stop is Aldi- bare bones store but cheap and it is owned by Trader Joes. They have awesome chocolate there.

    Next are the stores that double coupons and have sales. I try hard to stock up on some things with sales and coupons. Wal mart is more expensive in many things.

    Publix has good sales. I wish we still had a Krogers here. I go to BiLo. Sometimes go to Wholefoods, or Earhtfare but only for special things.

  • Mum

    Smith's is the name of the Kroger franchise here in Nevada. It is the nearest grocery store to home, so I do a lot of shopping there. I loathe Wal-Mart and refuse to shop there, although I understand that in some places there is little or no other choice.

    To me, it is more important to find things on sale than to choose a retailer. I buy lots of clothing at thrift stores - designer clothing and handbags for a song! I also like to buy children't clothes at thrift stores.

  • blondie

    Just Wal-mart but we hardly ever go there; only if they are the only ones that carry our vitamins...been buying online lately.

    Too far north for Publix and the last Kroger here was firebombed in 1970.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    WalMart has frozen Crab legs, that I buy, steam and enjoy. The price varies between $18.00 (on sale) to $22.00 per bag.

    Just Lois

  • Tater-T

    I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague... and won't date women who shop there either... for reals..

    We have Winco here in Idaho.. they are emloyee owned and only in Washinton Idaho Nevada Colorado, Oregon .. WINCO

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Looks like they're ready in case Montana ever joins up: WINCOM

  • mrsjones5

    I like Winco too. I live near a couple and go to one of them at least twice a week. But I miss Krogers. They're not in California. Love the double and triple coupon program Krogers had. Food is a bit cheaper in Indiana thn in California but at least I have places like Winco and Grocery Outlet to help keep my food budget sane.

  • Tater-T

    I live two blocks from a Grocery Outlet... I go there all the time.. problem is they don't have everything .. but the prices are way way cheeper..

  • Violia

    Thank goodness for Walmart or we could not afford to buy most things we need. JC penny ( for clothes) is not too bad and we have a Ross here that always has sales so you can buy at discount. We don't have any of the others close, Kroger has moved away and most buy groceries at either Tom thumb, Albertsons, Sam's club. Aldies, Trader Joe's or the Farm and market type stores. The Dollar type stores are a great place to buy cleaning products, shampoo, paper items, spices, socks, and pet supplies, party supplies many several other things. You should check them out. A lot of what is in there is junk but they do carry some reasonably ok stuff. Frozen foods are ok but be careful with can goods and boxed products, they may be very old.

  • scary21

    I love Wal-Mart I buy box wine , soda , bar soap, shampoo things like that. I shop at Aldi's alot great laundry detergent, paper plates, trash bags , food wrap and bags. Lots of good food too, Milk and butter.

    Kroger and Meijer are great for sale items, so I always check weekly sales on line.

    Why do people hate Wal- Mart ???? Well, maybe that's another

  • RubaDub

    Wife and I go to Walmart, Publix and Winn Dixie.

    You CANNOT get the best deals by shopping at one store, IMO. Walmart has very low prices, but the 2 for 1 deals at Publix beat the pants off Walmart.

    We are in an area where all the stores are within a mile or so of our home so travel is not an issue. Since we both prefer our salads and vegetables to be very fresh, we probably go to at least one of the stores 5-6 times per week.

    Rub a Dub

  • moshe
    and won't date women who shop there either... for reals.

    Tater has a point, but does a one night stand count as a date?

    anyway- watch the goings on at Walmart--

  • LisaRose

    I try never to shop at Wal Mart, just dont like the experience. If I want to look at people in tacky clothing, I go to A lot depends on family size and preferences and the area you live in. I get some things at costco (warehouse store) some things at Trader Joe's, and the rest at regular supermarkets. Trader Joes are only in some areas, and not always cheapest, but usually a very good deal for the quality. They are similar to Sunflower or Sprouts or Aldi's

    Costco or Sams Club: Paper products, cleaning supplies, OTC medications, vitamins, cheese (I freeze half so it won't go bad), butter, eggs, Nuts, deli meats., Yogurt, frozen salmon, toiletries, rice

    Trader Joes, Wine, if you like name brand wine, Costco is cheaper, but TJs has some very good wines at $5 a bottle (Primitivo is my fav) and of couse the famous two buck chuck, which is actually 2.50 now. Organic Chicken, its still pretty expensive, but it tastes so much better, fresh fruits and vegetables (Costco can be cheaper, but for only two, the amounts are too much. Bread, cookies, trail mix, spices

    Supermarkets : Ice cream, meats (if on special) Milk ( I need lactose free, otherwise Costco is cheaper). Cat food, cereal ( if you buy on sale/use coupons its cheaper than costco and it doesn't get stale before you finish)

  • Roberta804

    I only go to Meijers for the foods we cannot obtain from the co-op, by and large we by Michigan made products, dairy, meat, eggs vegatables stright from the farmer to my fridge. The milk is the best!

  • Stubborn Disbeliever
    Stubborn Disbeliever

    I avoid Walmart at all costs. We don't have much money at all, so I try to be as thrifty as possible. When couponing, I go to Fry's (Kroger). They sometimes have great clearance stuff and then combined with coupons...or even just matching the right sale with coupons, I can walk out of there with 75% savings. We've moved a bit farther from Fry's now (and don't own a car, just bicycles) and it's getting to summer in Phoenix, so trips are uncommon there now.

    Nowadays we go to a place that is just in the southwest call Pro's Ranch Market, that is only about a mile away, they ahve unbelievable produce prices (99c for 10lb potatoes, bell peppers 4/99c, carrots 4lbs/99c, etc, sweet oranges 5lbs/99c, etc), they also make all their own tortillas, fire roast chiles outside, rotisserie chickens over the fire outside (*drool), and have amazingn meat prices every week or two (10lbs of chicken leg quarters for 59c/lb).

    I have noticed, when we were shopping at Walmart before kids, we were spending at least $400/month on groceries. We THOUGHT we were getting a good deal, but I know now. And it's just a horrible place to be anyways.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Publix and Kroger are cheaper, Walmart Stores are higher priced than Publix and Kroger, why is that? Labor costs for Walmart are cheaper than Kroger and Pubix, so why is Walmart so expensive?

    Walmart has a employee turn-over ratio of 1500% in some places in the United States. Why do you think they have such a huge turn-over, is it because they treat their employees so good? .

    Tater: What's a Grocery Outlet, and why don't they have the products all the time?

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