Witness plays Gov. Body Samuel Herd talk for me.....is he mentally ill??

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Governing Body member Samuel Heard Talk -ARE YOU READY FOR THE FINISHING LINE?

    So my Witness "friend" plays this talk to show how near armagedon is. His 18 Y.O daughter said "it was scary" Well SHOCKING! 76 yearold Herd Explains in a way only RUTHERFORD would that "Armagedon is almost here...Babylon will soon fall....clergy in Brooklyn are being put in jail NOW....{What?} .....some are having their faces slashed...people breaking into Convents and robbing nuns...RAPING NUNS!" {He used emphasis on the raping} "Imagine in the Great Tribulation people will be clubbing to death Clergy and COLLEGE PROFFESORS for not encouraging them to study with the Witnesses...." {Is he on drugs?} He then slammed some of the new anionted brothers who he says are "the biggest trouble makers in the congregation" and "only newly baptized." He then says how happy the brothers will be who gave their money to Bethel rather then "watch it blowing around in the streets" during the Tribulation.


  • clarity

    Hi, could you post it?

  • agonus

    Sam seems to be displaying a bit of a Herd mentality.

    The "newly anointed" and "newly baptized" the biggest troublemakers? I guess Splane and Lett, at least, are exempt from that rule. Oh, and that pesky Jesus guy.

    WE'RE the "mentally diseased", remember? Uncle Sam is just fine. If you don't believe me, take his recommendation and read The Book of Mormon... I mean, "Seola"... er, sorry, "Angels and Women".

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was talking to a woman with schizophrenia who studied at a prominent seminary. We had a lot of great religious discussions. When she talked about her voices, I wanted to comfort her and, out of nowhere, I told her, "Jesus heard voices, too. So did St. Paul." We giggled. Anyway, if we are mentally diseased we are in magnificent company.

    I choose to take it as a great compliment.

  • flipper

    Sounds like Samuel Herd is pretty wack to me. Of course ALL the GB members are wack jobs . How do you think they get into their positions ? Alot of conjecture in his comments with once again- no proof supplied for his wild assertions. He really tries making " worldly " people look REALLY bad by saying they will be " clubbing to death clergy and college professors for not encouraging them to study with Witnesses . " WT society really tries to make all non-Witnesses appear like they're psycho manslayers or something. So ridiculous. Sounds like good old Sam needs a therapist for Christ's sakes. Been ingesting " loco weed " or something called " cult mind control "

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My gm would go on and on about how great Armageddon will be. Somewhere along the timeline, the Society taught that the first task those who survived Armageddon was to bury all the corpses. We saw Terminator on video and laughed so hard.

    Anyone who merely skims the gospels, even those who only know by reputation, can not imagine Jesus of Nazareth lusted after the slaughters of hundreds of millions around the world, including newly born infants. There is an abstract notion of the Second Coming that is not vivid in details. The Witnesses seem to have a sick glee. It reminds me of the Screwtape Letters.

    I am a passionate Democrat but not under any circumstances could I start salivating over the destruction of the humans in the GOP. Love....... new light?

    Army and Navy compete on the football field but they don't spend all their time on earth celebrating the painful destruction of the other side.

    How many times did Jesus say to Peter he should forgive? Not even once? The more I become invested in the gospels by repeatedly reading them, the less afraid I am of any so-called Jehovah? And what is God doing with a name? Joe God. Bill God. Kurt God.

  • transhuman68
  • lastchance
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Oh and he mentions in a store how a lady at the register couldn't handle his money due to her very LONG finger nails....He says "Now would Jesus allow something like that?..." Who care! This person is not a Witness so she can grow a tree out her ass if she wants!!!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    He uses stuff thats happening in his area Brokylin like a nun getting raped and projects this as a 'Worldwide" furfillment of prophecy.....Weirdo!

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