April 15th WT/ Generation - MORE Points/ Mind Control by WT Society

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  • flipper

    We all chewed on this article pretty well when the news first came out about the " overlapping anointed " concept , however we discussed so much on just those 2 paragraphs dealing with the new " generation " theory - that almost the rest of the article was overlooked . Our lurking inactive JW friend on the board sent us a copy of the April 15th. I think you folks may find this interesting.

    On pg. 7 in this article entitled " Holy Spirit's Role in the Outworking of Jehovah's Purpose " it states in paragraph 2 " When it comes to carrying out his will, Jehovah has, not a fixed plan, but an UNFOLDING PURPOSE. " Excuse me ? So the WTS is insinuating that Jehovah is making this up on the fly ? So HE can adjust his original purpose ? He never HAD a fixed plan ? Wow. Now translate that again THIS way, " When it comes to carrying out the Watchtower Society's will, the governing body has, not a fixed plan, but an unfolding purpose. " Makes a little more sense now ? Incredible. I think this speaks for itself. The Watchtower society is softening up the rank and file to accept THEIR changing generation views by saying " Oh well, Jehovah doesn't have a fixed plan - he has an UNFOLDING PURPOSE . Translation : If Jehovah has an " unfolding purpose " then the WT society does as well !

    Also on pg. 10 paragraph 13 in reinforcing the 2008 view that the " generation " in Jesus day referred to the disciples it states, " Consider our understanding of those who make up " this generation " mentioned by Jesus. To what generation did Jesus refer ? The article " Christ's Presence-What Does it Mean to You " ( from 2008 ) explained that Jesus was referring, NOT TO THE WICKED, but to his disciples, who were soon to be anointed with holy spirit. " Wait just a freaking moment here. Jesus stated " This generation will by no means pass away until these things occur. " Right ? How can the WT society separate the wicked from Jesus disciples when they lived in the SAME TIME PERIOD ? Same generation ? Judas Iscariot lived in the SAME generation as the apostle John and Jesus didn't he ? I live in the " same generation " as Charles Manson ! If Armageddon was factual both HIM and myself would be the " generation " to see the end ! A generation is comprised of people GOOD and BAD ! You can't separate WHO is in a generation ! Yes, you guessed it- the leaders of the WT society are insane. But scheming.

    Then in paragraph 14 after pushing the new " overlapping generation " theory the WT society states this , " He ( Jesus ) EVIDENTLY meant that the lives of the anointed who were on hand when the sign began to become evident in 1914 would overlap with the lives of OTHER anointed ones who would see the start of the great tribulation. " I looked up the word EVIDENTLY : Definition : " Seemingly, apparently, outwardly, IT WOULD SEEM, SO IT SEEMS, as far as one can tell, to all appearances. " Sigh. So once again the WT society leaves themselves a loophole if their " generation " theory is wrong. ( Which it is ) . The loaded expression " EVIDENTLY " leaves room for doubt. When you are promising eternal life in a paradise to people you don't say EVIDENTLY. It either IS or IS NOT ! I see a real lack of confidence in the WT society's OWN ability to believe the BS they are throwing out here !

    So- Here's my take. The WT society is SO desperate to control the rank and file witnesses that they are grasping at straws throwing up turd loaded darts at the dart board seeing if something will stick. Problem is - they are missing the dartboard and hitting mind controlled people with these false promising darts ! I really fear for my family inside this twisted controlling cult. I'm exhausted from writing this ! Will you guys and gals PLEASE take over and give your takes and opinions on this driveling piece of WT propaganda. Look forward to all your comments ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • agonus

    "Evidently" is WTspeak for "We don't have a single Scripture to back this shit up."

  • agonus

    So you admit that "Jehovah" does NOT in fact have a Divine Plan of the Ages but just makes shit up as he goes along?

  • flipper

    AGONUS- Exactly. The WT society DOES NOT have a single scripture to back this crap up. And yes, apparently the WT society feels that Jehovah, God- or whatever he's called makes this stuff up on the fly. Pretty crazy, huh ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dgp

    Marked for later.

  • flipper

    DGP- Thanks. It will be here still. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • poopsiecakes

    Hi Mr. Flipper!

    I noticed that turn of phrase as well - Jehovah doesn't have a fixed plan...good grief, talk about interpretation of the whacked out kind.

    There are times when I think that they're putting this stuff in print just to see who will speak up and question it so that their minions can engage in the witch hunts they so adore. It's truly shocking that they get away with it.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I seem to recall many years ago an article talking about the word "plan". You know how sometimes they love to just overanalyze some obscure point to death, like is it sanctification or vindication of Jehovah's name, which one it is I don't even know.

    But this article claimed that a plan describes something an man might have, saying plan implies there is some uncertainty about its success. A plan of course can fail for various reasons. Whereas Jehovah with all his super powers, when he PURPOSES something to happen, that means it will happen, just the way he intended. This may have been back in that wonderful book, God's Eternal Purpose, now Triumphing because we say it is.

    No Apologies

  • OnTheWayOut

    " When it comes to carrying out his will, Jehovah has, not a fixed plan, but an UNFOLDING PURPOSE. "

    WT's reason for that type of statement (at least the reason they told us) is to claim that plans can fail, plans are what imperfect men make. A purpose from Jehovah is supposed to be superior and no matter what happens, Jehovah will "unfold" whatever is needed to bring things around to HIS purpose. They back this up with various stuff like making the Genesis prophecy about bruising in the head and the heel. No matter what Satan would do, God would adjust or "unfold" whatever was needed. But reality is that the "unfolding" part is just what the WT Cult needs to explain that things were "revealed" whenever they need to change the doctrines.

    Jesus stated " This generation will by no means pass away until these things occur. "
    Good comments, Flipper. For you Christians (and JW's) out there, that's the whole of what it says. It isn't complicated, it isn't some hidden secret.

    " He ( Jesus ) EVIDENTLY meant that... "

    I really wanted to confront some JW's with that one. I really wanted to point out how ridiculous it is to tell us what Jesus evidently meant. I just knew I couldn't have ever kept from going too far and "outing" myself to the point that I might be DF'ed. I will let that article do it's own damage to the JW's I care about.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks Flipper Loved you take cannot add to it. But to say it is all just CRAZY!


  • jehovahsheep

    whats interesting is that jesus was telling the 1st century jews that THEIR generation would not pass away.this was fufilled in 70 ad.not once did he refer to a dual fufillment.

  • flipper

    POOPSIECAKES- Yeah, I thought that was weird too - how could an almighty God not have a fixed plan ? Isn't he perfect ? Allegedly ? Perhaps the WT society does want to stir things up so they can go on witch hunts for doubters.

    NO APOLOGIES- To me, it's such strange reasoning the WT society would assume that a " plan " is only something imperfect humans would do. I mean, if God is perfect- his plans would never fail, right ? So they call it a " purpose " so he can fix it on the fly ?

    OTWO- If it's the Almighty creator ( allegedly ) making plans - why would his " fixed plans " ever have to fail ? It's like the WT society is measuring God , Jehovah, or whatever he's called by man's standards . Yes, I agree on the generation thing . I mean, no matter WHO is in the generation , wicked or righteous - they are ALL still " the generation " if they are living at the same time span together.

    There is so much room for wiggling space by the WT society using the word " evidently " . Instead of saying dogmatically YES , this is the overlapping generation, they pussyfoot around saying " evidently " . That way if it doesn't come true the WT society can backtrack and say we NEVER said it in absolutes. It's really crazy. They are giving themselves an out here.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- It is totally insane, isn't it ? Hey thanks for the cake ! My wife & I really enjoyed it. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    JEHOVAH SHEEP- Exactly. That's how I feel about it too. I mean Jesus predicted Rome's takeover by the Jews in 70 C.E. Which happened within that 30 to 40 year generation. No magic to it though - maybe Jesus just kept a pulse on the political unrest between the Jews and Romans so spoke out about what the Romans would do . I agree, no further meaning to us than just what happened . No " last days " in our time or any other time for that matter , EVIDENTLY ! Ha Ha ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • bobld

    The mentality of most JW will accept this new teaching like a duck to water.Thay lack the intelligence,logic or evidence that the GB are full of shit.I for one cannot understand why anyone with a half brain cannot see the hypocrisy of the WT/A mags.Can not they remember what they read in past WT/A mags.It drives me crazy things like the generation,blood,worship of GB.


  • OnTheWayOut
  • WTWizard

    It looks like they are trying to bury "a generation" in the bottom of the pile of crap. Do that, and it will be less likely to stick out like a sore thumb. Unlike us apostates that got the key paragraphs stuck out like a sore thumb, the witlesses are going to be numb by the time they reach this "a generation" change. And, they are more likely to accept it if they are already half asleep than if the offending paragraphs are brought to the front. For instance, we saw that they are trying to string generations like so many Christmas tree lights. I bet there won't even be one comment at the Kingdumb Hell about that.

    Also, if people are already numb by the time they reach this, there will be fewer walkouts and disassociation letters flooding the hounders as a result.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Great points Flipper, thanks!

    When I was indoctrinated 20 years ago, I believed Jehovah was the Absolute Power ant the Allmighty...

    Now I feel sorry for that guy... He doesnt even has a fix plan....


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I remember the "Purpose" book too. No plan, just purpose. Plans can be thwarted by an enemy, Satan, because they are fixed. A purpose allows for change in the process, ie: Satan has all the babies killed, Jesus heads for egypt. I never understood that explination because it was prophesied he would come out of egypt so Jehooba did know ahead it would happen. I just can't keep up with these nutjobs. Good to be free. Life is no longer ruled by this whole bag of teachings. I purpose to stay away from it all. W.Once

  • cantleave

    " Consider our understanding of those who make up " this generation " mentioned by Jesus. To what generation did Jesus refer ? The article " Christ's Presence-What Does it Mean to You " ( from 2008 ) explained that Jesus was referring, NOT TO THE WICKED, but to his disciples, who were soon to be anointed with holy spirit. "

    I love the way they encourage the R&F to look at previous Watchtowers to get an understanding of what Jesus was thinking. WTF - how would the writing committee know what a man was thinking 2000 years ago.

  • Quillsky

    You know what? They are welcome to all the new light they want, as long as they will just get some new light, huge bright beaming new light, on the murderous blood doctrine.

    Going door to door teaching crap about dates will not kill my family, avoiding birthday celebrations will not kill them, but the immoral despicable Hospital Liaison Committee may.

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