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  • anglise


    An ex-JW in the UK has come up with a brainwave!!

    He canvassed his local area and came up with a signed list of several thousand householders who did not wish to be called on again by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    This list was then handed to the local congregations and the London Bethel who were then obliged to list all those households as Do Not Calls.

    Has anyone else tried this??

  • nelly136

    this was done by Roy Calloway in wales, he cut their territory
    by about 50% in his area I think, which meant everyone else got called on twice as often (twice the irritation)cool dude

  • MadApostate


    This would be an excellent project for XJWs, Church groups, etc. It would be no more difficult than any other door-to-door petition drive.
    Simply knock on a door, explain that JWs have a "secret" policy of discontinuing visitations if so requested in writing, with further explanation that signing your petition is all that it takes, and that such petition will be formally filed with both the local Cong and national headquarters.

    About 6 weeks ago, there was a US news article posted here which related that a US citizen had successfully sued a JW publisher for "trespass" because that JW called at their door after a "no-call" request had been filed.

    A photocopy of that news article could be given to everyone who signs the petition.

    Something like this would be 1000% more effective than "demonstrating" outside an assembly.

    It would likely eventually be mentioned in the local media, and possibly would snowball once people learned how simple it is to stop JWs from knocking at their doors.

  • Ranchette

    Wow,what a neat idea.
    If I remember correctly we were told that the "do not calls" would be called on once a year or six months to see if that is still their wish.Also because people move.So they will still tick people off.
    Could you imagine the stress this would put on the car capton,not only trying to read those terrible little maps but trying to figure which homes to call on!

  • MadApostate


    I've been inactive too long to know whether there is a SOP to occasionally re-check "no-call" requests, but I do know that once a formal notice is sent by a homeowner that withdrawns permission for JWs to enter their property for proselytising purposes, that any future call would constitute "trespass" (both criminal and civil), regardless of the "guise" of re-checking the homeowner's current desire.

    As Nelly points out, this would result in "non-signers" receiving an increased number of calls, which will piss them off, and will further result in them "signing up", and/or being more antagonistic to knocking JWs.

    All of this would accumulate into one big morale drain on the r&f.

    Then, think what would happen if a few local hotheads also filed criminal charges and/or civil lawsuits against a few JWs...

    My fantasies run wild...

  • MadApostate

    I can't even recall where "Do Not Call" procedures are even spelled out- BOE Letter? KM? Org Book?

    Does anyone have the SOP in writing? Please post!

  • Englishman

    Just an aside; when I left the dubs I put a sign on my gate that said: NO RELIGIOUS CALLERS PLEASE. It really infuriated the dubs, whenever they came around my area they would proclaim loudly: "Hah! As if we would call on him!"

    It quite tickled me.


    ..... fanaticism masquerading beneath a cloak of reasoned logic.

  • biblexaminer

    It's not in BOE letters. It's in case law.

    I have been doing this by mail and I am about to expand. I also go out in service just to see how it goes. The list on the backs of many territory cards is getting long. It's also making the dubs question what's going on.

    There is also a website for this.

    Let's pull together.

    I staretd this about 2 years ago and my approach was and is as mentioned here. Telling people that the frequency of visits will increase as JW's have a monthly quota for hours really makes them not want to be the last person on their street to get their house listed on the DNC list.


  • dannyboy

    Here in California, there's a legislative effort underway to limit some forms of telephone solicitation. It would involve the "Do Not Call" concept we're familiar with (except meaning telephone calls).

    I wonder if the sponsor would be willing to add a slight improvement dealing with in-person unsolicited calls.........

  • bluesapphire

    Biblexaminer, thanks for the link. This is a great idea! I am going to make up flyers and include the "Silentlambs" information. Then I am going to go door-to-door in my sister's entire territory with these flyers. I am going to have each DNC sign their name on the petition and then I am going to mail it to my sister's congregation certified mail (anonymously), along with a copy of the flyer. I am sooooo excited! Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  • bluesapphire

    BE: sorry but the link doesn't work. Is the address correct on your post? Also, you mentioned doing it by mail. Please, if you will, explain your procedure. Thank you.

  • MadApostate

    Bumping this up for the consideration of those people who are actually willing to do something for the "cause", other than sit around drinking whiskey and preaching to the choir (posting on dbs).

  • buffalosrfree

    Mad, this idea of setting around drinking whiskey and preaching to the choir, were you referring to the Judge???? Just kidding, you have a great idea there. But isn't that what goes on at the meeting, preaching er...excuse me, teaching the choir and sucking up the Bull. Buff

  • Satanus


    The doesn't work.


  • roybatty

    Excellent idea!!!

  • Teirce

    This sounds like a life-saving work.

    (Personally, my philosophy was that being a JW was a game. Only those who figure out that it's a game are allowed to stop playing. All the people with pointy hats are required to keep playing until they reach the solution of the koan and take hold of Nirvana. That koan is, "What is the sound of no hand knocking?")

  • orbison

    this is a fabulous idea, which i will pursue in my little town of 70,000, in canada with a KH just down the street, any input will help my efforts thank you

  • nicolaou

    I am currently working on

    I have taken it off-line while it is in it's final stages of preparation. It should be ready for launch within a few weeks!

    In the meantime, if any of you would like to assist in its development please apply to join the workgroup at .

    The DNC site will offer the public the opportunity to legally and effectively remove their names and addresses from the 'territory' of the local JW congregation. Notice is also sent to Watchtower headquaters in Brooklyn.

    This service is free.

    There will also be a 'paid option' for individuals who'd like the DNC to act on their behalf - a small fee of about $9 will apply.

    The site also provides the facility to fax/email your concerns about the Watchtower organisation directly to your US congressman, UK Member of Parliament or the United Nations!

    One note, the work mentioned earlier in this thread of canvassing your local territory to produce large do-not-call lists for local congregations can be organised through the new site with one important advantage - you will earn a small commission for each address added to DNC's lists.

    No unpaid volunteer work here!

    Please extend me a little patience, I'll get the site finished as quickly as possible.

    I'm also offering free do-not-call email address right now. If you'd like one just ask (e.g.



  • MadApostate

    I'm bumping this VERY WORTHWHILE thread back to the top.

    If anyone has missed it, you should also keep up with the UN-DPL-NGO thread, since that issue will also turn into something VERY WORTHWHILE to be used against the WTS, especially with the ongoing world crisis causing a new spell of "neutrality" being espoused by the WTS.

    ALSO, please read my "JW SPYS" thread, as well as draft your own version of the posted "email letter", and forward such "anonymously" to your local hospitals and doctors.

    NOTE that the old "clique" here are jealous with all these NEW IDEAS coming left and right from non-clique members, and they are trying to rain on the parade.


  • MadApostate

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