My experience w/ the JW secretary at my office

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  • looking_glass

    I believe I have mentioned before, I works w/ a lunatic jw. This is the same woman who will not go by a shorter version of her name because as she told me in front of some fellow co-workers “Once I found the truth, I put on the new personality and the fruitages of the spirit, so I go by my full name now.” Alrighty then.

  • looking_glass

    Hey - what happened to the rest of my post.

    Here it is -

    The day of the memorial, I was meeting with people on my team and granted we were laughing and joking, it was still a meeting, she pokes her head in and says “It is getting late, I just want to make sure you don’t forget about the memorial.” So of course the people I am meeting with think someone has died and they were all concerned.

    My friends at work know my history, but not the people on my team. So I had to give the short version of the whole thing.

  • limbogirl

    Hi Looking_Glass:

    I don't get it...what does she mean? she goes by her first and last name? or she no longer uses a nickname? either way, makes no sense.

    There is a JW receptionist at my office and she is the rudest most unfriendly person there. Everyone has complained about her. I so bad want to bust her chops and notify her that I'm aware that she's a jw (as is everyone else) and that she is certainly not providing a good witness. Of course, I won't do this but I got the last laugh anyway....recently I had a job opening in my group. The supervisor came to me and was going over the resumes of the applicants and the JW receptionist had submitted her resume for the position. I said, interview...her attitude and demeanor are a major problem and I don't want anyone like that working in my group.


  • aniron
    “Once I found the truth, I put on the new personality and the fruitages of the spirit, so I go by my full name now.”

    I didn't know Pride was one of the fruitages of the Spirit?

  • looking_glass

    I give up. There was more to the story then that, but it just keeps posting the same thing and then not letting me delete the duplicate one. So NEVER MIND (said like Rosana Rosana Dana (Gilda Ratner) of SNL)

  • What-A-Coincidence
    What-A-Coincidence the look of the subject I thought it was going to be a steamy thread

  • schne_belly

    Looking Glass...

    That happens to me too sometimes when I post?!?! Did you copy it over from WORD or some program like that? That is when I notice it not posting right.

    I'd like to hear the rest of the story when you figure it out!

  • looking_glass

    WAC - let me assure you, you don't want this chick and steamy in the same sentence. YIKES!!!

  • limbogirl

    Yeah, can't leave us hanging like this....we want the rest of the story!!

  • looking_glass

    So the latest is been an ongoing drama. My birthday is this month. My friends from work generally do something for me. The office is big enough that I usually can count on a week of free lunches and an afternoon drink fest in my name. Well jw chick hears someone making plans for me. I guess she goes to them and tells them I don’t celebrate my birthday because I do not participate in pagan holidays. My friend knows enough about my problems with the jw chick, that she just says thanks and moves on. Well I guess the jw continues to hear people planning stuff for me and she keeps telling them "no don’t do it" and everyone ignores her.

    So the beginning of the week I was working on getting some things done for when a client comes in to meet with us. It is a big deal because it is a federal case and we are going to be the plaintiff (normally we do defense work). The jw chick is a floater, so she is not normally assigned to me. However, I needed additional help, so I got her. Fine, whatever.

    On Wednesday, the client comes in and I get him from the lobby and start walking him back to our board room and the jw chick calls out my name and wants me to go over to her. I kind of point to the client and keep walking, but she calls out my name again but this time she comes to me. So I stop thinking it must have something to do with the meeting that we are headed for. She says to me "I just wanted to let you know, people here are trying to organize things for your birthday. I tried to explain to them that it is a pagan celebration and you would realize that it would bring reproach upon Jehovah’s name and that they should not do it, but I heard them talking about again today."

    So I just say to her. "Well ….. I am on my way with a client to go to a client meeting. So I will address this later with you." But she does not let it go. She continues to argue with me over how I am going to want to stop it now. I know that my face is beet red because the CLIENT SAYS TO ME "are you okay?" "yes, yes, I am fine." So I just walk away from her as she keeps walking.

    So after the meeting I pull her aside and say to her. "You may not understand this, but technically I am your boss. That being the case, DON’T YOU EVER pull a stunt like that again." Here is her classic response "well I feel that my conscious would be bothered if I continued to do work for you." So I responded by say "well my conscious will be bothered by you continuing to do work for me. As such, I will request from HR that you never work with my group again." The problem she now has is that my group is the only group she is suppose to do work for, so this will mean she has no work. So she responds by saying "well I can work for the other attorneys in the group." And I say "but they will not want you to, because if you cannot work for me, then you cannot work for them, because we are a team."

    On today’s date, HR was informed by the partner/shareholder of our group, that we have had issues with this jw chick and if she does not refrain from bringing her religion into the office and distracting others from their work that she will be asked to leave. We have a two strikes and you are out policy, so this is her first warning. I wonder if she will think that she is being persecuted because she is a jw.

  • Jim_TX

    Wow! Great story! (Thanks for getting it posted)

    RE: what the jw chick will do-

    Yuppers... with their usual 'blinders' on, they always come up with the 'we are being persecuted', or 'the Devil works there', or ... well... you can probably make up some really good ones.

    *shakes head*

    There is a jw fella whut works where I am right now... he don't know I am an ex-jw... but I have told the others here that I am. One fella is particularly interested in why the jw-fella does things the way he does. So... I have been filling him in on the jw-belief system.

    Funny... they seem to notice that the jw's are 'different'... but it's not usually a good thing. It's more like a 'weird' different.


    Jim TX

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    I wonder if she will think that she is being persecuted because she is a jw.

    Of course she will.... she loves it, because to her the "end of this system of things" is just around the corner and she can't wait. What is it with some people that they are clueless as far as office protocol, ESPECIALLY when you are with a client. scheeschhhhhhh

    Let's us know what happens when you DO celebrate your birthday.... (getting my popcorn ready... )

  • MissBehave

    She said that IN FRONT OF YOUR CLIENT???????? She should be fired just for that.

  • looking_glass

    What is funny is I told my mom about the whole won't go by nickname now that she is jw. So as a joke, my mom told her jw friends that they had to start calling her by her full name. However, it back fired on her because she hates her full name and they know that so they have been doing it to rib her. So even the regular jws think she is strange. And I get the honor of having to deal with her!

    My thing is that I am sure this jw chick is going to come to me and complain. Like as if she is the wronged party here. First of all this crap happened in front of a client. We do our best to pretend we are a real firm and normal in front of the clients. Who cares if the rest of the world figures out we all drunk lunatics. If you want to be all over the top religious-wise, more power to ya, but don't bring it in here. Just not in front of the clients.

  • blondie
    So even the regular jws think she is strange

    I have known JWs like this; usually one or two in every congregation driving everyone nuts because they are afraid non-JWs will think every JW is like them.

    No evangelizing where I work; no crosses on your cubicle wall, pictures of Jesus, or bibles on desk top. Where I work a "sister" put a WT out on her desk. Her supervisor came over and told her that such things had to be in a desk drawer. She considered she was being persecuted. It went to the next disciplinary level and she found out that no one was allowed to put out religious literature or icons, Christian or otherwise. She complained to some in the congregation and was told to keep it in her desk drawer.

    The woman in your office sounds like she is socially backwards and probably was before her JW days and sought acceptance by becoming a JW...some people are even too strange for the WTS.


  • Emma

    There's a dub in our office, too. She's known as a real brown-noser and for her fake, over the top smile. We have an in-house web site for pics and a bio, and she's used hers to "witless." I wonder how she counts the time for that?

  • schne_belly

    OMG!! What a Wack-O

    You took the words right out of my mouth!!! I was thinking this exact thing earlier in your post...

    I wonder if she will think that she is being persecuted because she is a jw.

    There is an excuse for everything...

  • looking_glass

    Blondie I wish they would do that here as well. There are some born agains that like to pull out their bibles and read for their lunch. But then they feel a need to discuss it at great length afterwards. Thankfully, they do that to their poor fellow secretaries and not not me.

    But the jw found out that I was raised a jw from a guy who use to work here that was also a jw. He was a sweet heart. Very easy going, not judgmental. I was sad when he decided to leave. I guess after he left she felt she needed a kindred soul in the office.

    She knows she pi$$es me off, because she did bring it up after the memorial incident. I told her that she does not know everybody's stories and as much as she wants to believe it is all goodness and happiness there are things within the religion that are not happy happy and she should leave people alone when it comes to religion.

    The worst part about it is that she does push my buttons and I when that happens I wonder if there is still underlying issues associated with being raised a jw and leaving. I never want to have anyone have that much control over my emotions that they make me angry. There is a saying, behind anger is fear, so it leads me to wonder what I fearful of.

  • freetosee

    Looking glass, that posting problem happens to me all the time! Good story!

  • blondie


    I would talk to her officially and tell her that she can speak for herself re her beliefs but not to speak for you. Just clue in your friends that anything she says about you is without merit. She sounds like a sad woman, I bet she has no friends or people to hang with at the KH either.

    Can you find someone else for her to focus on?

    Also, can you get allies that can step in and whisk her away when things like that happen?

    Sounds like you are setting boundaries with consequences if she ignores it. She'll probably get fired and move on to the next office to make crazy.

    When I was still an active JW, I had to mediate 4 separate situations regarding JWs out of hand.


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