The real reason why young people get baptized

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  • free2beme

    The real reason why young people get baptized ...



    ... okay, okay, I know it depends on how young we are talking. In all cases, when I saw someone down their ready to get baptized at age 10-13, I never respected it ... not one tiny little bit. I thought, whatever, who can not see through this child's game. Then, a week later they have this baby carrying microphones and doing sound. Then when they are 17 (younger sometimes) they are made ministerial servants and guess what, "they are counseling you!" Ever wonder what ruins a good business, BAD MANAGEMENT! I always got a laugh out of it and never once, do I ever remember going to one of these children and saying "congratulations!" when baptized. In fact, I made it a point not to and only said it to the adults.

    Actually, I know very few people I grew up with or who were young when I was still there, that are still Witnesses. It seems Witnesses are having a hard time keeping the young in ... I think a lot has to do with all the information that is so easy to find now.

    ... or maybe it is that rock and roll music with the catchy beat and worldly lyrics! Always easier to blame the thing that is not you! Weird isn't it, the Witnesses always taught that illustration of, "when you point fingers, four more are pointed back at you." Yet when they pointed the fingers of why young people were leaving, they had no clue they were four times more powerful, the reason, then what they were pointing to too blame.

    Did you get baptized young? If so, why?

  • professor
    Then when they are 17 (younger sometimes) they are made ministerial servants

    17 year old servants? Crap. Glad that never happened in my cong.

  • pr_capone

    I got baptized at 11 so I could run the mics. *shrugs*

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • zagor

    Well in my first congo there were some that got baptized as young as 6. In fact, majority of youg ones were dipped by 9 or 10.

    Now I hear that all but one got Dfd, lmao.

  • professor
    baptized as young as 6.

    That's sick and wrong.

  • zagor
    That's sick and wrong.

    Yeah, there was kind of competition among the parents as to whose kids will be more "spiritual" than the rest. In fact, i remember shortly after getting baptized an elder called one of these girls by her first name. She got pissed of and immediately corrected him "sister so-and-so". Which just tells you about the scale of overriding climate in the congregation. In fact, I got reprimanded when I asked, "how come Jesus being perfect man still had to wait till he was in his 30's and our kids can go almost as toddlers. " I've asked elders "how better than are we than Catholic Church that baptizes after couple of weeks. We wait couple or so years to do it"

    I was given usual run of Timothy, Samuel, Daniel and his three friends example, blah, blah, blah. Then I told them "well, in every generation there is prodigy in music or physic so same would go for spirituality but how big likelihood would be that entire congregation of kids is of that caliber"

    Naturally I was told to shut up.

  • Mysterious

    1. Pressure because others are getting baptized.
    "so and so got baptized when s/he was your age"; "such and such is getting baptized at this convention"

    2. Time related pressure regarding progress.
    "you've been an unbaptized publisher for x time isnt it time to get baptized" "such and such's bible study was baptized after x time"

    3. Fear
    "you're old enough to make your own decision now, I cant protect you if armageddon comes and you arent baptized!"

    4. Repair Sin/Guilt or fix faith
    "god's holy spirit will help be more zealous when I get baptized and have his blessing.

    5. Making parents happy
    "all I ever wanted was for you to serve Jehovah"

    6. Showing others you're theocratic
    "should you really be hanging out with x s/he isnt baptized yet even!"

  • crazyblondeb

    I did it to get my parents and elders off my back. Plus, the assembly hall in St Louis was still relatively new. My parents thought it would be great! So my best friend (JW) and I got baptized. A year later I ran away from home and from my stepdad, (molested me), and ended up in Texas.Oh--got DF'd at this time. My friend lasted a year longer. I hear there are 2-3 left out of about 14-15 of us that were teenagers at the same time.

  • professor
    baptized as young as 6.

    I'm still in denial of this story. When I was six I still wet my bed and thought Mickey Mouse was a real person. I was definately not in a position to set myself up to be shunned by my family and friends later in life as is the ultimate outcome in your story. What a bunch of loons!

  • young hearts, be free..
    young hearts, be free..

    I was baptized just after I turned cousins were baptized young so I thought I'd follow the trend, besides I thought I was "ready" for it :D

    Only 3 guys were baptized that day, and the first guy (related through marriage) left a year or so later....then I joined the great exodus!!

    Oddly enough, my cousins were Dis'd early this year....Pride before a huge fall!! (it's a loooong story).

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