Name responsibilities that sisters could have had at the hall

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  • Alana

    My dad had me do alot of things for him behind the scenes, like type his talks.....he had the Society manuscripts, but liked them in bigger fonts. I also typed up the meeting schedules for him and he let me "chose" the ones to do the opening and closing prayers from the approved list. I also helped with the school assignments. I know that's minor, but I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Then, later I used to audit the KH accounts. The brother who used to do it quit and his wife did it for a while, but they were afraid people would 'talk' if she kept doing it, so my dad took it......but gave it to me to do. We were a small rural congregation, so there was not alot of choice, I guess. Other than that, women folk were pretty much kept out of any kinds of responsibilities.

  • Alana
  • JH

    I feel that sisters at the hall could have done as much and even more than many brothers if it wasn't for the stupid JW rules. Maybe God didn't want to humiliate men and kept woman silent.

  • stillajwexelder

    microphones, number 2 talks, sound, attendants, platform, Watchtower reader, book study reader

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