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  • lola28

    My God I can't believe what I just saw.

    I was on the website for my local police Dept. and saw a link they had for a website that listed sex offenders. I clicked on it and put in my zip code, I could not believe how many sex offenders live in my area, what is worse is that I know two of those listed and I never, ever would have thought that they could be a danger to children.

    What bothers me so much is that many of these offenders commited crimes against children, I would say that a good 90% of those listed had been convicted of molesting children.How do these people live knowing what they have done?

    I have two sisters that are 12 and it bothers me so much that these men are near them, how do I talk to them and let them know that there are dangerous people out there with out making them paranoid and making them feel unsafe?


  • Scully

    At least you know that these guys have been caught and are registered with the local police. You could make yourself batty if you start wondering about who hasn't been caught.

    I wonder how many JWs have checked their local sex offender list to see if anyone in their congregation is there? That might be something you could suggest to your sister - just say you saw something and want her to be informed so she can protect herself. Then give her the website address and let her find the same thing you did.

  • lola28

    To tell you the truth Scully I was on that web-site to see if there was anyone from the near by hall that was listed.

  • kristyann

    I have a question... this might sound stupid, but what do the thumbs up and thumbs down mean next to some of the topics? I noticed this one had a thumbs down, and I have no clue what that means.

    I think it's important to always make sure to check out those sex offender sites to see if any live near to you. They are helpful to some degree... however, I heard that like 80% of sex offenders that have been caught and are now out do NOT follow their parole conditions.... i.e., they do not stay where they are supposed to, they do not notify the police when they move, etc. Also, I bet most sex offenders are not registered and a good deal have never been caught. I would urge EVERYONE to write to their Senators and representatives in Congress to push for stricter sentences for sex offenders... they almost always repeat what they did again. How many of them go to prison and actually turn their lives around? Ha, that's a laugh. Most sit there in prison and long for the day they can get out and plan their next attack. I despise sex offenders and I think every single one should never see the light of day again. They should be made to sit in prison until they die... and they shouldn't have some luxurious prison experience where they get to sit and order which foods they want and watch tv and movies and exercise and work and EARN MONEY.

  • rebel8

    Hi kristyann, when someone starts a thread they have the opportunity to put an icon next to it. I think the thumbs down is intended to convey there is something bad about the topic--bad news or whatever.

    I believe in the death penalty for rapists, attempted rapists, kidnappers, and murderers. Having treated all of those in a psychiatric setting, I never met one that was treatable nor even one I didn't believe would definitely offend again. They are the worst evil. I see no point in letting them live. I know that's not PC but that's my opinion.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    These listings are for all sex offenders, not just those convicted of sex crimes against children. In all jurisdictions, statutory rape is a sex crime. In some jurisdiction, pissing in public is a sex crime. The site should give the crime of which the individual was convicted, it should also say how long ago. These two other pieces of information should help decipher who really is still a danger. I'm not saying these folks are angels, or anything, but just because they have to register doesn't mean they prey on children.


  • Spectre

    I'm a pretty liberal guy but I don't mind the death penalty either for child rapist. I checked that site as well and there is only about 4 that I saw in this town, it's not like they would be missed.

  • Jordan

    Does anybody know of a website like this that covers the UK? I want to know who is on the register around here.

  • Joel Wideman
    Joel Wideman

    Releasing sex offenders from jail and pretending we've solved the problem by making them register seems to be unique to the U.S.

  • Aude_Sapere

    Would someone please post the website link / address???


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