Ever have something weird happen in meeting, with APOSTATES!

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  • blondie

    The educating thing for me was to see people studying with a JW come to a book study and realizing that their one-on-one study was VERY different than this study.

    They were used to be able to ask side questions and have them answered by the JW right then or at the least the next study (during the study time).

    One woman raised her hand and asked a question not in the paragraph. The conductor just about choked on his gum. "We can answer that after the study." About 2 paragraphs later, she asked another question not in the paragraph. Same response. She leaned over to the sister and said, "I thought this was a discussion group; all I see is people reading paragraphs and repeating what is in the paragraph." This woman picked up her coat and purse, leaving behind the NWT and WT publication and left.

    This woman validated what I already had observed myself. It took her only one visit to a book study to see it though. She left and I stayed for about 5 more years. Smart woman!


  • BluesBrother
    One woman raised her hand and asked a question not in the paragraph.

    Funny thing is that when I was a kid, we often did this - it was accepted that you would raise your hand and ask the conductor to explain something that you did not understand. New or stand in conductors used to be wary of that, but the technique was to throw it open to the group if you did not know how to reply. The practice has died out now though.

    One year at Twickenham Assembly a couple of lads vaulted the perimeter wall and strode across the pitch whooping to the crowd. They approached the platform and the speaker bravely kept going. When they were onto the platform they were jumped on by attendants and bundled away . Security was stepped up after that.

  • SamIam1976


    My husband had the same observation. On the Sunday they were to announce my "reinstatement" to my home congregation my new husband came with me. Curiousity had bitten him and he really wanted to see for himself what kind of "people" we were and how our church meetings were conducted. Sunday as you all know is the Public Talk and Watchtower Study. I can't remember what the public talk was about now..but I can remember what he thought about the Watchtower study was very similiar to this woman who had a one-on-one bible study. He couldn't understand why they were just reading the paragraphs and then everyone would just read word from word the answers from the article. He wondered what kind of discussion is this? It's not a discussion at all its just a monotonus reading of a useless article mis-quoting scripture. He brought his King James Version with him to compare with the NWT. I find outsiders view on our religion very interesting. It really took me out of the fog I was in.

    I have only had a couple of experiences with very wacked apostates. 1st...one was when I was very young and some apostates were picketing the assembly in Augusta, ME at the civic center. One of them got in my Dad's face and was telling him how he was hurting his children blah blah blah dont remember all the words this man used because my dad picked both me and my brother up off the ground (we were about 10 and 8 years old I think) and lugged us to the car. Then we saw our dad really get into a fierce argument with that apostate picketer. 2nd thing that happened to me on of of my visits to Bethel I had the oppurtunity to run into Mr. Coffee. Does anyone remember that guy? He was the one who always showed up when there was tours going on and protesting loudly of how the organization had wronged him. Very interesting fellow. LOL Those are my only 2 experiances with apostates.

  • weinermcgee

    One time some smurfs came in the hall and we had to ask them to leave. They wouldn't so some of the "brothers" escorted them out, where they got upset and told the brothers to "go smurf themselves."

  • Jordan

    I remember my old man saying something along the lines of "This is a load of bullshit" to an elder once. I was very young and he was an unbeliever, but he had decided to come to memorial. He made the comment really loudly it was funny.

  • Coheedandcambria

    not apostate in the least but at one meeting my mom was convincing my 3 y/o niece to answer, and when she agreed, she raised her hand, recieved the mike, and proceeded to describe what her best friend Joe's penis looked like and how it was softer then her brothers! The elder on stage stood open mouthed for maybe 30 seconds, then called on his wife to try and bail him out with another comment.

    Oye. My family.

  • garybuss

    At one meeting I actually saw an apostste wearing my pants.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I remember Mr Coffee and his friend "Coffee mate". Interesting characters.

    My very 1st circuit assembly:

    There was an apostate who had visited several assemblies and would cause a disruption during the prayers. Well on the last hour of the 2nd day, he sneaks in. The brothers started removing families around him and replaced them with attendants. At prayer, the apostate stood up and the brothers grabbed him. As they were leading him out, some brother comes running out of his seats and just dives into them. He's about the size of a linebacker. He just leveled all of them. The apostate breaks free and punches one of the attendants. The attendant punches him back and everyone separates them.

    This ended up in court and it was such a joke that the judge just let the apostate rant about everything.

    1 Congregation I attended, apostates would picket outside the hall. In service, they would follow us around and knock on doors ahead of us. We had decided that whatever car group they would follow, we would just drive around town while the rest of the group would finish. This went on for about 6 months

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