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    I ride. I do ride a long board. Great in powder and I find that it is more stable over bumps, however the only down side is that it is harder to learn. The best days to go practice and powder days as icy days you'll slide out more.

    Just take it easy, master heel, then toe and then put it all together. Actually intermediate slopes are the best for learning as beginner slopes you'll go slower and probably fall more whereas intermediate slopes will keep your momentum going and allow you to practice your turns and not stop in any flat stops and crash. Keep your board waxed so you glide.

    Also learn how to fall. Skiers break legs, boarders wrists. You need to fall with your wrists inward (palms facing you), not out to catch your fall. Falling is part of learning. Just practice your weighting and you'll be fine. To practice turns, be good enough where you can go down an easy hill where you are constantly spinning around, mastering easy transition from heel to toe. Also be able to ride down as easily goofy and regular in case you get in a bad spot high up you can easily switch.

    My $.02

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    never look down to your feet when snowboarding, at least not until you got the "feeling". always have your eyes watching some far away point, maybe the mountains on the other side, this way you won't fall down that often.

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