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  • Soledad

    I gave those sons of bitches the first 21 years of my life. I will never get those years back, no matter how much I wish I could.

    How dare they. They've got plenty. Why can't they help some of their followers? I remember how in my congregation so many single mothers and recent immigrants, many came to the meetings hungry and wore the same clothes week after week. You mean to tell me Brooklyn couldn't help them out? Funny how active JWs never have an answer to that question.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yeah and don't you love how they encourage people to leave their estates to the society?

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    it's the same thing in every nov 1 wt. give us all your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. i'm sure there is also a phone # in that mag to call the bethel donation office. i called once and asked for a financial statement of how they spent their $$$$$$ . as if i'm correct , is supposed to be filed with the atterney generals office. of course they never mailed me this info. john

  • Gill

    I'd still like to know, since they claim to be involved in relief work, how much do they spend on relief work. I suspect a big fat 0!

    Do you know, or are you aware of anyone ever involved in relief work supported by the Brooklyn Bethel and they pay for everything? Come on! And if so, they spent how much? They give figures for the other things they claim to do!

    And if I may say - that's not many missionaries!

  • xjwms


    I did that, ... DID, .. like in the past, past, past.!!!

  • TopHat

    lawrence, Be very subtle about it or they will see right through it...I say go for it!!

  • TopHat

    I think the hard working brothers and sisters or the KHs, should be reimbursed by the WTS for any material supplies they have to buy to help the hurricane victims. A lot of money comes out of the pockets of JWs that can hardly afford the extra expense. Gas prices included.

  • Gill

    Hi Tophat and all!

    The point I am wondering about, however, is that since the WTBTS is asking for contributions to its worldwide work fund claiming that IT provides relief work I want to know if it provides and PAYS for the relief work. I don't doubt for a moment that local JWs help eachother but is the WTBTS funding it from the contributions it is asking for from the R and F?

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