Not everyone left the JW Org for the same reason...Why did you leave?

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  • ButtLight

    Mainly because I felt I was wrongly df'd at age 18. That was good enough reason for me to leave, and live my worldy life that I love so much! The second time was because I was reinstated into another congregation in a different state, and they were all clicky! "oh, we will have to have you over soon" Yeah yeah, it never happened. So, I stopped going again! Now, being df'd, and doing some digging, and being on this board, I have no desire to go back.

  • defd
  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    My cult membership expired at 18 when I became an adult and I didn't renew it.

  • ButtLight
    I didn't renew it.

    How come no one told me we had to renew our subscriptions?

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    I realised the bible was mostly myth and legend, so that ruled out the JWs or any other bible-based religion.

  • TheresMoreToCome

    I left because I felt empty and trapped. I left because I didn't trust or love anyone there (with a few exceptions), and because I wanted more out of life. I left because I had been exposed to new ideas (thank you- all of you who exposed me to them).

  • delilah

    I left because I grew tired of the hypocrisy, and the way people were treated. the lack of love was a huge factor, for my exiting.

  • Bstndance

    I left because I "came out" at 16 and was forced into the elder tribunals and my parents sent me to a shrink that was a JW. I "ran away" (actually went to visit worldly relatives without letting my parents know ahead of time) for a month and when I returned, I really didn't want to face the elders or the people in the congregation. Knowing the congregation gossip mill, I'm sure everyone knew.

    Speaking of gossip mill, when I was in high school I had a creative writing project. I wrote a fun little story that received a good grade and comments by my teacher. I was so proud I went to show it to my best friends in the hall. The thing is, the story had a party that involved drinking and a ouija board. Well apparently I was ratted out and a MS wannabe elder pulled me aside and counseled me on what I wrote and said I should only write about things christians would do. If I could go back, I would go tell him to go screw himself.

  • candidlynuts

    mainly lack of love but also because of the generation change.

  • daystar

    I stumbled and fornicated, multiple times with more than one girl. I was not baptised. But I was a believer. I never was baptised because I just instinctually felt that something was not right in the state of Denmark.

    I left because a JW friend said he would give me a chance to confess to Elders what I had done. I asked him to give me one month to decide how best to approach it. He said he would, then didn't. I was pulled into a JC and I was honest with all I had done. They told me I would either repent or I couldn't show up at the KH anymore because they were afraid I would lead their Witness girls astray. (For the record, I would never have done that.)

    I took some time to consider what I would do. I found that, while I still believed wholeheartedly in everything, I really did not feel repentant for what I had done. I could not in honesty tell the Elders that I was repentant. So, without having had any shepherding calls or any other counselling, I got a call from the PO and I told him my answer.

    I never heard from them again. I was crushed. I was distraught. I started doing drugs. I had visions of death reigning from the sky.

    I thought later, while still mostly a believer, that if only they had showed me more compassion and understanding and forgiveness, I probably would have eventually worked through it and stayed. This didn't happen. As I heard similar stories from other JWs and ex-JWs, I began to understand...

    The JWs, WBTS, etc. are not part of Jehovah God's organization, even as they describe it themselves. "By their fruit shall they be known."

    I never really did get into the dates game. But now that I've looked into that as well, my feelings on this have been proven to myself. The abuse, pedophilia, UN/NGO stories, etc. have served to back it up even further. The lies and hypocrisy make me sick.

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