Hello, new to posting here!

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  • Legolas

    (((( Welcome William))))

  • ballistic

    Hi Doffy, I'm down south. You'll find the majority of posters are from where you are, ya know where the roads are still cobbled. lol

  • doffy

    Hello William! Nice to meet you to! Where abouts are you from?

    Ah, yes, we still have cobbled streets here. tee hee. Everyone thinks 'up North' is Coronation Street! Actually, the Albert Dock (tourist attraction) does have some cobbles. Maybe that's because the Tourism Board didn't want to shatter peoples illusions. lol

  • under74

    Hi ther doffy. Welcome to JWD. I hope to read more posts from you real soon.

    And the same goes to you William22.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Ey up doffy - welcome to t' board!

    I'm in West Yorkshire - we have lots of cobbles - but apparently scientific research shows that they're healthy to walk on (except when they're covered in moss or ice of course lol ) so maybe it's not as grim up here as everyone thinks!

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, Doffy and William.


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