You know your crazy, when you quote the Simpsons! but ...

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  • free2beme

    I work for a large corporation and if anyone else does, then they might understand what I am saying ...

    In the Simpson series, there was an episode where Bart and Lisa are taken away from Homer and Marge and put into foster care with Ned. Ned is so perfect, it drives Homer nuts. So when the kids return, he begs Bart for the dirt on Ned. Bart has nothing major, but he mentions that there were old paint cans in the garage and Homer starts laughing (like he found the imperfection) and calls him "old painty can Ned!" Basically, even with a guy doing such a darn doogly good job, there is something they can point out to say "look, you need improvement!"

    ... well at my work, I work in the companies highest volume in sales location, I work on the highest volume in sales team in that location, and I am the highest volume in sales salesperson on that team. We have the highest customer services scores, and the least amount of canceled sales and complaints. Wonder what that gets you in a corporation? You are pointed out for how you dressed, or how you combed your hair or even how you parked your car. While other locations, teams and salespeople are being counciled for not even doing their jobs in the basics. They find some old rusty paint cans to show, your just not good enough!

    Crazy, isn't it! Ever worked for a corporation like this?

  • mrsjones5

    Sound like you are so good at what you do they cant stand it and just have to pick on you to maybe bring you down a notch or 2 to make themselves feel better.

  • damselfly
    Crazy, isn't it! Ever worked for a corporation like this?

    Yes! My current boss is like this. It's a small company, our clients love us, we never get complaints only referrrals. We do everything around the place, rarely take breaks, all get along ( amazing for an all female workplace) and are always doing what we can to make each other's day go more smooth.

    We get critized and "talked" too for not having our hair and toenails done properly. I mean honestly!! Is that really such an issue?

    Dams (whatever! )

  • Caedes

    Yeah nothing worse than an uppity surbordinate, apart from a competent uppity surbordinate.

    Mr. Burns: I suggest you leave immediately.
    Homer: Or what? You'll release the dogs, or the bees, or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you?

  • Gretchen956

    Glad they don't have me working for them, I go to work in jeans and t-shirts half the time. We don't work with the public and I don't see not being comfortable. I can dress up, its just that after 30 some years of it three times a week for meetings and M-F in my banking days (8 years of it), I have just had my fill of it. If I never put a pair of hose on again it will be too soon!

    Don't know how you do it.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Oohhhh yessss!!!!!!

    Fortunately, I was so annoyingly good that they made me redundant

    We have a 'selection process' points system for redundancy in the UK to keep things 'fair' but those of us involved with me in my selection knew that it had been rigged so that I would go. I couldn't be bothered appealing cos I hated the place anyway. Just took the money and ran.

  • doffy

    You're crazy if you quote the Simpsons???


    That makes me crazy then. lol

    Sorry to hear you're not appreciated in work. That sucks. Just tell them to eat your shorts.


  • defd


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