Legalism and JW's: Arguing putting faith in grace rather than jw works

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  • M.J.
    So going with my analogy, I would probably say that when a child is young we tell them not to cross the street. Once they mature, and the "law is written in their hearts" it is ok for them to cross the street. They understand that the principle (jw's use this one all the time to explain THEIR rules) is "don't get run over". I don't care if they cross the street thus disobeying my previous rule. I just care that they don't get run over!!!

    Maybe in addition to understanding the principle, they now own the principle. It is now a part of their makeup--it now comes from within instead of being a mere act of compliance to an external entity.

  • mustang

    Three things are involved in the question of salvation:

    1) Grace 2) Faith 3) Works

    Start w/ Faith, even though it is in the middle. Paul pretty much says that you are saved by Faith.

    And of course there is Works:

    James doesn’t agree with Paul and said that "Faith w/out Works is dead; show me your Faith and I’ll show you my Works". So, he made it a pissing contest and laid out the scheme to give the Elders/Priests/high muckity-mucks a stranglehold on you/your salivation.

    BTW, Martin Luther didn’t think much of James and argued that his book didn’t belong in the Bible canon. Others have expressed similar thoughts. Throwing out James would rip WTS a new one!!!

    Let’s hear it for what became the Catholic Church; they made sure that they had James in there so that you could be coerced into Sunday services (or worse). Once you are in attendance, you can listen to the sermon on Tithing and Hellfire and feel the piercing gaze of your all those hypocrites judging the hell out of you.

    All the Christian based religions that followed owe it to them for laying down the scheme.

    Grace: use the thought or sample problem of Chinese man 2000 years before Christ. He would have to be extended GRACE, because he had nothing to exercise Faith in and certainly no rules or example for Works. As AF said once, "as far JW’s are concerned, Grace is a woman’s name".

    I forgot #4: Worx. JW’s use this, because their brand of Works is like no other.


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