Likening my exit from the JWs to a bad divorce

by findingmyway 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • arwen

    I have been through a bad divorce and trust me exiting the JW"s is very similar...the same emotions, questioning yourself all the time..still having feelings..reliving all the pain...feeling alone in your plight, trying to fight you way out...It has been 21 years since the divorce and I think I have finally let that if I can just get through this!

  • TheresMoreToCome

    Hey everyone, we'll get through. I'm feeling that today...wanted to share.

  • willyloman

    This is a fascinating thread and you know what else is interesting?

    With just a couple of exceptions, the entire thread is written by people who have been on this board for less than a year!

    It just confirms for me the view that this is a halfway house for people to talk out their exit-related issues. JWD provides a valuable service to people suffering from the WT's toxic effects.

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