From Jw to born again .................

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  • vitty

    When I was "in" the borg ( I love that word) I really , really believed that when ppl left it, they became like the undead. With no direction in life and no RELIGION, I felt sorry for them.

    I never thought that they became ............born again or heaven forbid CATHOLIC !!!!!!

    When I first started looking at sites on the internet I came across what an eye opener ! I listened to the tapes of exJWs experiences and just couldnt believe it. Hundreds of ExJWs become born again.

    Then I thought about it and never in 20 years had I known of a born again becoming a witness, not one. I knew of a very devout Baptist and the scores of Catholics and with the foreign languages, some muslim.

    So I dont know if I have a question or if its just an observation, but why??????

  • nicolaou

    [1] Great big, beautiful, juicy carrot.

    [2] Hidden stick.

    [3] "Shiny, happy, people!"

  • under74
    under74 older sister became born again about 5 years after my family left. Right now she's not really going to church although I don't think she's totally let go of it. All I can attribute her conversion to is she was in a hard place when she decided to start attending the church....and she never got over being a JW...she needed something to fill that "god shaped hole" from what I can see. She knows no one else in our immediate family believes so there could be much I don't know.

  • LittleToe

    Define "Born Again".

    • If you mean Fundamentalist - they already have their own kind of crazy and don't need another similar.
    • If you mean Charismatic (e.g. Pentecostal) - they would be bored stiff and notice the lack of liveliness.
    • If you mean "born of the Spirit" - they already have Christ and notice His absence from the WTS, even if their own denomination were lack-luster.

    Believe it or not I fall into the latter category. Since I was content as a god-loving JW Elder at the time, the "God shaped hole" argument is moot, in my own case. I'm not afraid of God, I rarely think about reward / afterlife, and would suggest that I have none of the usual attractions that are a caricature of someone "getting Jesus".

    To know Him is to love Him.

  • nicolaou
    If you mean Fundamentalist - they already have their own kind of crazy and don't need another similar.


    Thought twice about asking this but . . . . define crazy.

  • ozziepost

    I resemble that!

  • under74

    Just to clarify--For me I guess my sister's case has more to do with fudamentalism. She told me about 3 years ago that if I wasn't born again that I wouldn't make it to heaven. Although I don't believe in heaven, I think that's a pretty sh**ty thing for a family member to say to another...falls too close to JW ideals for me. But don't get me wrong, I have christian friends that I know don't think I'll go to hell just because I don't think the same way they do. And I don't think they're stupid for not thinking the way I do. But at this point I don't know what my sister thinks. She's not attending church that I know of and we don't talk about it...or at least I try not too in order to avoid conflict. BUT she's my sister and I love her even if she was to think God didn't like me for not being born-again.

  • LittleToe

    Nic:I simply mean that I would put far-right [Christian / Muslim / JW / Atheist] fundamentalists in a similar camp. The theology changes, but the attitude doesn't

    Which definition?

  • Satanus

    If they were drugs, the born again one would be cut to 40% strength, while the wt one would be .000001%. Who would go on .000001 after experiencing 40?


  • DevonMcBride

    I met an ex-Born Again Preacher who was studying to become an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi. Oddly enough, he said there was an ex-Mormon in his Rabbinical school who was also studying to be a Rabbi.

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