Elder not calling us "brother or sister" at the book study

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  • funkyderek
    Using the expressions "brother" and "sister" at our congregation meetings indicates a bond that is far closer and more precious than any indicated by the use of first names. It reminds us of the very blessed relationship we enjoy as a spiritual family under the one Father, Jehovah God. We are also reminded of the deep love and affection we have for one another.—Eph. 2:19; 1 Pet. 3:8.

    Of course; it's a term of affection, not a title. Instead of calling someone John, or even Brother John, we should call him Brother Smith so he feels like family.

  • TheListener

    This goes to the heart of my opinion about using the name Jehovah. If Jehovah is the correct name we shouldn't use it so freely.

    If kids don't call their parents Tom and Sue but use the titles dad and mom, who do we think we are to use Jehovah every ten minutes instead of his title God.

    Also, Jesus said "Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified." See even Jesus didn't tell us to use Jehovah's name, not even in prayer. He said to use Father. How much more appropriate I feel using a respectful title than a first name for someone in an authoritarian position. Much like meeting the President of the U.S. - you wouldn't say (you might but it would be inappropriate) hi George. You would be expected to say hi Mr. President.

    I believe the society wants the dubs to be overly familiar with God so they can dilute the relationship by inserting themselves. Thus you use the term brother when speaking to someone at the hall but not the term God when speaking to God.

  • gaybeat

    Brother Jesus

    So far they call me brother, I'm not baptized, don't do any fieldservice, and keep myself private, don't talk much, and they still seem to think I'm baptized. One kid asked me to go out in field service, which totally shocked me.
    Unbaptized Nothing for 3 years YAY.

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