Just blagged my way out of the evening service...

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  • buffalosrfree

    Just this weekend, "Saturday, I was accosted by a witness in the parking lot of a local store, She wanted to know If I was interested in reading any of the Watchtowers and Awake Magazines she was carrying, I of course told her no, asnd that i did know about some of her beliefs and found them ridiculous.

    She bit, asked her about what bible scripture is it that shows that the annointed were selected and the selection process ended in 1935. She of course said she didn't know, then I asked her how it was she believed it? Because she was told to or because it was explained in detail using scriptures and other bible proofs? She again said no, that it was in their literature. ((I got this idea from reading a post several days, weeks, back on this board)) it really stumped her.

    I then asked her about the scripture in Hebrews 10: 24,25 about meeting attendance and why Paul was trying to encourage Christians back then to attend meetings was it because he was giving orders to the the older men of the hebrews or was it merely encouragement to help them deal with the way thier society was becoming and with the upcoming troubles with the Romans that everyone with a brian could figure out was headed their way?

    She started to tell me some nonsense about the governing body, and I said body, you mean a group of men? she relied yes thats what I mean the governing body of the christians. So i asked her, then Paul must have been the president of the ruling body, she replied no, he wasn't. Then I asked why was he giving them the Hebrews orders then if he wasnt in charge of that supposed body? Maybe that wasn't an order but just encouragement? She finally agreed that perhaps it was, then I asked her why would anyone say it was a commandment. Wasn't Paul just a man and why would you obey the commandments of just a man? She had no reply.

    Before we ended our talk, I asked her in front of several others just what was it that her church, the Jehovah Witnesses were doing for the local needy and what had they done for the victims of Katrina and Rita? She said they jumped in to help other persons, and I told her I didn't ask what they did for thier own, but what have they done for the needy and poor is this particular community and for the victims of the last two hurricanes. She got embarassed and left, just got up and left. It didn't leave a good taste in the mouths of those who overheard. I had several tell me thanks for bringing that up, we never see them the witness doing anything for anyone, the homeless, the poor, the sick, anyone non jehovah witness. We that is all of us there 6 to 7 people agreed,

  • What_is_ur_point

    WOW....thats a good point... ive never seen them doing any charity work for any non-jw organization.

    I remember when i was at my grama's funeral back in the summer..and she was a baptist. So it was done in a baptist church .And they had charity donation boxes. which i had not seen before and my first reaction was like....WOW this is a church lets focus on god here or my grama's funeral not charity..cause after the sermon they were like rest in peace...and then does anyone want to contribute to charity.. i thought i was off key...

    But however it is nice that they offer some relief to charity and relief efforts.

    On topic and OFF topic.. about the evening service.. It's odd how they go in service and yet kick out many that actually believe in it..?? cause if I hadn't believed in it i wouldnt of told on myself. and the people who dont tell on themselves sit next to people at the assemblys and you woudnt' even no the difference. do they want honest people who sin... or Dishonest people who sin..?

  • steve2

    Thin end of the wedge, Sam, I'm afraid. You're as good as done now. Let me look into my special Dub crystal ball (this one's okay - it's Jehovah-approved): October 4th 2006: You're now going out more than one night a week and that same elder is still perstering you to do more, more, more, more. And this time your wife is really angry . Time to show some spine?

  • vitty

    Just say thanks for the offer, but no thanks, if he asks why, say your busy or that its inconvenient, if he presses you say its personel !!!!!!!

    My husband did that once or twice and everyone left him alone, wouldnt dare ask him anything.

    Youve got to be hard faced like them.

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