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  • stillAwitness

    So I was at a friend's house (for a gathering) BLAH! And I noticed she had one of those porfessional pitcures done that looked like her at prom. I asked her about it and she said quickly "NO, that was a formal I went to last year) I said "Oh, so exaclty what is a formal? (I have never been to one) and she went on to explain the gathering of the brothers and sisters who get dressed up, rent out a hall...blah blah blah. And I replied "Basically, just like I thought in the begginingg. It's a prom. Except only jw's allowed." The whole room went into defense cause I guess my definition sounded worse than hers. (Also I think b/c there was a bible student at there too) I was like explain how a "formal" is different from the "prom" just because you change the name does not make the concept different. Everyone of course did not have an ansewr for me. See what's happening?? I'm getting to bold. I better stop now before I whip out Franz's Crisis of Conscience at the next party. I mean "gathering"

    Any of you ever slip up like that before?

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    A Rolling Stones classic comes to mind:

    "I know, that I am getting bold but I like it!"

  • candidlynuts

    lol! good for you!

    the only difference is a jw formal has sucky music and 35-50 yr old single men hunting for new lil wifies from the teen pool.

  • luna2

    hrm...I don't think they ever had any of those in the congos I attended, not that I would have gone anyway. LOL

  • Legolas

    LMAO.....When I found out it was all a lie with in a month I and my family disassociated ourselves!

  • Gordy

    "a Formal" thats one of the best excuses I've heard off the JW's for holding something everyone does under another name.

    "Hey we don't celebrate Christmas" But sure as hell have a turkey and all the trimmings and everyone round for a big "gathering" that happens to fall on Dec 25th.

    "We don't celebrate birthdays." We just give presents a week later on a "Special Day" for our kids.

    "We don't celebrate Easter" But we buy the Easer eggs when they're discounted the next day.

    "We don't celebrate Mothers/Fathers Day" We just happen to take our non-JW parent out for a meal on that day.

    Anyone want to add any more

  • Es

    heheh great story keep it up


  • carla

    Oh please do tell more about how jw's 'don't' celebrate any holidays. I've even got a few. A friend with a jw grandma told me how she bought him a washer & drier for his new apt.(also his birthday was then) but, kept wanting to preach to him. She felt that because she bought him those large items he should be grateful and listen. He told her in no uncertain terms that if that was the conditions to keep the washer & drier to get them out of there! Husband used to get gifts for me around holidays but not anymore.

  • Rayvin

    I know what you mean ! The other day 4 brothers showed up at my parents house to encourage my mom. I was there to take care of my dad who was coming home from surgery. One of them asked my mom when she was baptised and she answered " In '75 when all those other people were leaving it made room for me". !!! "mom.. what do you mean by that" (playing dumb). " oh... well in '75 alot of jws left when nothing happened". "oh" i say " like the talk 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die." A different elder spoke up saying.. " That must have only happened in the U.S. I was away when that talk came out and it didn't happen there.. only in the U.S. " Then the first brother asked mom what it was that made her leave her other religion and join JWs. She said it was the lies about heaven and hell and if her old religion could lie about that.. what else are they lying about. Bingo!. Later I told mom " that was the most intelligent statement I heard her say today! If your religion can LIE about one thing.. what else are they lying about..? mom?" She may get it but she wont do anything about it. "isn't it interesting mom.. that while you were studying to be JW they wanted you to use your Independant thinking to understand how wrong your old religion was and convert. ONce you convert you are to not use Independant thinking anymore."

    Normally I wouldn't have said anything. Knowledge is Power!

  • stillAwitness

    That is such a good point rayvin about the concept the wittnesses use concerning independant thinking! When you are studying u can ask all the questions that u want. Do as much reasearch as you please, in encyclopedias etc. But once you take the dip in those cold ass pools. Boom. ITs over.

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