Service Meeting for Week Starting October 3, 2005

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Song 54 We Must Be Holy, When People Are Watching

    5 min: Local pronouncements.

    20 min: "Help Others to Become 'Subservient From the Start.'" * As time permits, compel audience to comment on the cited scriptures.

    20 min: Making Jehovah's Heart Rejoice. (Prov. 27:11) Interview two or three long-time faithful servants of Jehovah. Invite each to relate one or two things that have helped them to maintain their subservience to Corporation. Among the things that might be mentioned are negligent personal Bible study, uninterrupted, regular meeting attendance, (not hindered by terminal cancer or a cold), association with other loyal ones (who don’t report all the income from their janitorial empire), whole-souled participating in the field ministry (driving around collecting address of people who are not home because they have a real job and life), heartfelt prayer (in a restaurant but never at home), and avoiding unwholesome entertainment (while secretly watching R rated movies). What tests of subservience did they face, and how did they meet those tests successfully? How have they been blessed for their obedience? (a new book bag as a gift from their family on “Gift” day? Instead of “Christmas”?)

    Song 170 Let God Be Found True According to the Corporation and concluding prayer.

    * Limit introductory comments to some trite personal story that everyone has heard a hundred times before, you unimaginative moron, and follow with a question-and-answer defecation.

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