What a Public Holiday!

by ozziepost 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Evanescence

    LOL! so true

    A typical day: wake up in the morning its either sunny or freezing, if its cold you rug up with layers of clothes on...same vice versa, 2 hours later it turns really hot or cold you are either boiling of freezing..... then later on a huge gale like wind comes along....and you end up with the most nottiest hair....later on when its finally time to go to bed.... a thunderstorm comes along oh how I hate that! in one case a couple of nights in a row just recently a loud thunder would come about 3am..... now THAT was annoying....

    ...the weather likes to pick on us....

    Evanescence i'm gonna have good sleep tonight, i'm gonna have good sleep tonight.......

  • vitty

    It was and a beautiful day yesterday and today. Its definetly autumn here, all the leaves have turned into beautiful reds and browns, the skies are cloudless, the sun is shining and theres a nip in the air.

    I love this time of year and ill be taking the dog out for a long walk through the woods.....aaaahhhhhh what bliss

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