Please don`t read if you are a current witness and have doubts.

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Void... you have come up with the same creator triggered evolution example I use, except my example is a cake. I came up with it about 5 years ago!

    Holy sh*t.

    God used evolution as a tool(I know some forms of ID teach this) I hate all that 6/7 days crap, days of years, day = 1000 year....what ever number fits their logic suits them at the time. I am trying to put it in a way my mother would understand. But as so as I say the word evolution, I am talking like an apostate.

    Well here it goes, If a baker gets all the ingredients, flour, water, yeast, mixes them together, puts them together and puts them in the oven. Who was the breads creator? The oven or the baker? If you would think of evolution and the earth as the oven, DNA as the ingredients. The bread as the final products humans etc, Jehovah put it all in motion and it follows a natural cycle. So much so the argument "you don’t see things evolving now" is mute because we could be at the end of the cooking cycle. I think this is a pretty reasonable argument, but no luck so far.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Besides my expletive above: Welcome!

  • jaffacake


    Welcome and congratulations for the best thread title I have seen!

    Although I'm not a JW I tend to agree with much of your thinking. Looking forward to discussion about the science, God & creation. I read some cool stuff by some of the best theologians, and you're in good company with the way you think.

    Off on hols for 3 weeks, see ya in November

  • Bryan

    I feel a VOID in this thread!

    Good to gave you here. I left about 10 years ago.

    Take care,


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • void

    Thanks for all your wellcomes! Well I am in asia, so I guess as you all had time to read my post I was fast asleep in my bed. Well continuing some of the discussion raised here. Here is another question I have on my mind. (dont worry I didnt come here just to ask questions) Who are the JW's actualy fighting with? e.g. creation vs. Evolution Stake vs. Cross Blood All the other issues, almost every meeting you attend or do personal study there is some agenda that they have to "keep up the good fight" even after you have been completely indocrinated. Looking back if I am told it is gods wish that we dont use blood, I am given scritural evidence to support it, then I will accept it, I still accept it until now even though I dont want anything to do with the organisation. But they always seem to be fighting with other religions or scientists. But I dont really see any of these scientist taking the time to bother fighting back, ha ha, because its such a worthless cause. I have seen less fighting on this board, then in the hall or the organisation. Brenda, don't worry about about expletives I swear like a docker. Revfrank, I am a little bit scared, well actualy I tend to SHUN anything and everything that might be construde at religious. But perhaps you can help. What would you label a person who has abandoned all forms of religion, to a point that even atheism is to restrictive? All otheres, you really have made me feel most welcome. Something I didnt feel when I went back to the hall.

  • Pistoff

    welcome to the board.

    why is it that society loves scientists when they can find something to substantiate 607 but hate the same ones for carbon dating dinosaurs?

    No scientist has corroborated that date; only WT and their apologists.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    Parting questions: why is it that society loves scientists when they can find something to substantiate 607 but hate the same ones for carbon dating dinosaurs?

    Yeah, that always made me wonder too.

    They use good, reliable scientific data when it suits their purpose, but when it defeats them, those damn scientists are satans little helpers.

  • steve2

    JW "scholars" scan the entire literate world to find at least one "scholarly" source that appears to back up their peculiar interpretation, whilst they ignore the plentiful scholarly works that contradict them.

    It is also not unusual for JW "scholars" to quote scholarly sources out of context, a practice that has them really scraping the bottom of the research barrel. That's totally unacceptable in a religion that makes such a huge noise about every other religious group being false. You make big claims - as the Watchtower surely does - and more exacting standards are applied to you. The criticism the Watchtower has attracted is sorely deserved and way overdue.

  • PaulJ

    void.... lots and lots and lots of people feel exactly the same way on here. I know i did when i first came here. I still 'believed' the 'truth'. Dont worry about it, people here are extremely patient, even if you were to accidentally start preaching bollocks to people....

    In time, the more you learn about the real 'truth' the more the JW's lose their grip on you. I can say this because the same has happend to me. Now i no longer feel guilty, or think armageddon is about to turn us into bird food. I feel i have a better relationshp with God too.

    Good luck with whatever you need.


  • Es

    welcome to the board, enjoyed reading your story and look forward to hearing more. Like flyinghighnow said you will feel so much better being here


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