1956 Photos, Fred (and Raymond?) Franz

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  • Fatfreek

    Yes, Ozzie, where were the ushers to silence that disrespect?

    Yes, that tape recorder was truly a wonder. One of the bros found some good deal somewhere and three or four bought into it. $100 apiece, supposedly a bargain in those days. I remember them trying to talk Dad into getting one. Ha! Mom was the sole support as Dad was disabled (though he looked healthy in one of those photos) and she earned $40 per week stitching clothes. $6 of that went toward the rent of a rabbit run tenement with no hot running water. A tape recorder was the last thing on our priority list of needs.

    A tape recorder seemed some type of status symbol in those days. It was felt that one could actually glimpse what would come in future pages of WT by listening to audio tapes of the concluding comments at district conventions. Following those assemblies there would be meetings at private homes where there would be "tape listenings" -- truly insightful peeks into the future.

    One of the boys from Bethel was our own Bobby Anaheim and it was his coup d'etat that made that special meeting possible. That rented KH was on the third floor (no elevator) of the Lumiansky Insurance building and boasted no more than 80 folks in attendance at its best.

    It wasn't more than two years that Bobby would leave Bethel in need of dental assistance. He'd been there for some six faithful years and they told him that his dental work would have to be taken care of by his parents and to re-apply for Bethel service once he got his health in order. That hit Bobby and his parents very hard and we saw none of them from thence.

    It wasn't long before we learned of his disfellowshipping.


  • minimus

    I guess Bobby fought tooth and nail, huh?

  • Fatfreek

    You mean, Min, because of a tooth, they nailed him? Good analogy.


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