What do you think of Paris Hilton?

by free2beme 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • daystar

    She and her troupe are marketing geniuses.

    She is a bit "hot", but she's so skinny... I'd do her only because then I could say I'd done her.

    The rest? Who cares? It's not like she's not the typical filthy rich schutta.

    The fact that people even bring her up on boards like this, watch her on TV, follow her life around, is evidence enough of the marketing genius around her. If you really couldn't care less about her... maybe you can try to care less about her?

  • hillbilly

    Nice Hotel...If I ever get to Paris I'll be sure to stay there.


  • luna2

    Watching Paris is....I don't know what it is. I guess its interesting because she has a fantasy sort of life. She's beautiful, she's thin, she's rich, she's famous, and she seems to have a loving family. She also keeps doing things that are nutsy and she appears to have very few morals.

    I know that while I kind of despise her lack of substance, and I didn't watch her tv show, I'm not interested in seeing the movies she's done, I didn't watch her personal porn tape, nor do I search out websites or news about her, if something hits me in the face (like a lead news story on my Yahoo page or on television), I do check it out. What can I say? LOL

  • weinermcgee

    For some strange reason I like this girl, not in like a relationship way or a banging her way, but I'd like to hang out with her sometimes or go for coffee with her. I think very deep down its because she would be the perfect anti-JW, she is probably the newest "devil" the elders complain about. in my day it was guns and roses and madonna.

    I recently read something about her that intrigued me. she and all her former boyfriends claim that she is very unsexual! she dates all these famous guys, made a sex tape, is half naked all the time, represents sex itself today and she is very "unsexual" in person meaning she doesn't really like sex???!!! Oooooh she likes being sexy but not actually having sex.

    I put her on my list of "would love to sit down and have a conversation with you" in the top 10, number 1 is still of course michael jackson!

  • jgnat

    She's proof that Daddy CAN buy fame. She's leveraging it very well, though.

  • stillAwitness

    No fair! She's as skinny as me without the chicken legs.

    Oh yeah! But I have the bigger butt.

  • Gerard

    Paris Hilton without daddy's allowance:

  • G Money
    G Money

    That's Hot, She's hot. Boo hoo, she is pretty, skinny and rich, of course people that are none of the aforementioned are gonna hate her .

    Its like people that say I hate porsches and ferarris. Sure cuz you can't afford one. Why not say, cool, she is skinny, cute and rich, good for her. That doesn't detract from you.

    Does anybody the the real scoop on a celebrity's life? Tabloids always portray the worst.

  • Cady

    Maybe the fascination is that she has a gorgeous body, tons of money and seems to get anything she wants. But - and here's the key - she's easy to hate! If she had something upstanding she'd done or was really nice, etc., and was also sexy and wealthy she would just make us feel insecure and so we'd ignore her.

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