Ozzie's Weekend Poll #150 - Now that's worth a shiraz or two!!

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  • kid-A

    11. Other. I always preferred the boobs that would just read it word for word from the text. It was the other dorks going off on tangents (e.g. "and this reminds me of brother half-wits talk at the assembly last weekend where he brought up the parable of the.... blah blah blah") that made the torture last even longer than it had to. Fortunately, I was so pre-occupied checking my watch every 10 seconds I didnt pay much attention to any of the comments anyway.

  • Undecided

    I can't beleive I don't remember what it was like, especially since I was the WT study conductor. I've done a great job of putting it behind me so far I can't even see it anymore. I remember only the things I liked back then, which was very little.

    Ken P.

  • Mulan

    5. That was interesting!

    I seldom answered from the paragraph. Dave was the WT conductor and he didn't insist on it. I thought the ones who used their own words and thoughts, were smart and interesting.

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