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  • OldSoul

    Okay Fairchild, now you are on the path I took. I am pretty deep into Mazito3.

    That city is Sidney. In Australia, the Opera House is in foreground.

    However, I think the picture before was of a microwaveoven, not a microwave. "microwaveoven" path will take you to Machu Picchu, an Incan ruin. I love civilization studies. Let me know when you get to "halfhearted" unless you want me to just give you the steps from "microwaveoven." I don't know who that person is, and I feel like I should. It's bugging me.

    Egads, but this is addictive!


  • OldSoul


    I tried the "microwave", "sydney", "kremlin" path and it kicks you off his computer and makes you start over. Try the "microwaveoven", "machupicchu" path. I got a good bit further than the other way...unless you are supposed to jump out of the computer down the "microwave" path... Later,

  • fairchild

    hi old soul,

    Actually, i did go down the machupicchu path as well, but I'm quite sure you are right, this is the path to take. Thinking of it now, microwaveoven takes you there, and microwave takes you to the city you identified as sydney. But just microwave is not enough to give a description of the picture I'm sure.

    I wish, oh I so wish I had more time, because I want to finish the whole thing. Right now I am on a stretch of 11 hour shifts at work for 14 days in a row (last day is a week from today). So I'm working on this puzzle every minute I have, a bit in the morning and a bit at night.

    Did you start from the beginning? I had a question on this one..

    what did you answer here?

    if you answer "drink" it takes you to a picture of a city (london), but when you click to continue, it makes you exit the game.

    it seems that you have to answer "alcohol" (which takes you to refrigerator and then to microwaveoven) where I am now. But doesn't it seem odd? "Never trust a man who doesn't alcohol", this just doesn't make sense. I know that W.C. Flields also said "Never trust a man who doesn't trust", but that leads to nowhere..

    going to pursue the microwaveoven path for a bit..

  • fairchild
    this is addictive!

    no kidding!

  • fairchild

    Hi again old soul,

    I started from scratch again and just made it past halfhearted. The name of the person you see there is disraeli.

    I have saved all the steps and the answers in a word document so far. Once you're past disraeli, you will have to "click to continue". This is where I am right now. Going to make some tea and play some more.

    Let me know how far you are getting, I'm on a roll now.

  • fairchild

    I am stuck about 5 pages after halfhearted. Sutck at the number sequence, I can't figure it out.

    As for this other section, it is not "mandelbrot", I think it is "julia"

  • OldSoul

    One theory on the series of numbers takes you to 650, a dead end. I will try to think out a different theory to explain the series.

    How far down the path of "julia" did you get? AGGHHHHH!!


  • fairchild

    I got 3 answers past "julia" which takes me to mazito.. but not mazito3. But then, when you pursue Mandelbrot, it ends up taking you to mazito2 all of a sudden.. strange..

    As for the numbers, yes, I tried 650 as well, and also 1436, but I came up with a number which made a lot more sense. I had to go to the dentist before work this morning, figured it out in the waiting room, wrote it on a piece of paper and left the paper right in the waiting room. I remember how I got to the answer though, going to make my calculations again in a minute and then try it out. I'll let you know if it worked.

  • fairchild

    OK, this is what I have so far (I hope it copies all right from my word document)











    click to continue










    click to continue



    .. the 650 or my other numbers led to a dead end. But here is a tip from someone..

    i think you should look back at your after microwave oven. you took a wrong turn within a few answers of that point.

    one thing to remember/research is mr logics work. and remember, as he says, always question everything, especially the self-evident.

    This makes me think that "robinhood" was wrong.. going to make a cup of tea and do some more thinking. It seems that something was wrong somewhere..

  • OldSoul

    Well, fairchild, the "dark stuff" inside a pencil is either graphite or lead. "lead" takes you to "shakespeare" then "edsel" then out.

    The constellation is Orion, near as I can figure. The brightest star in Orion is Rigel, followed by Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse doesn't work as an answer.

    The earth rotates completely every 24 hours. 24 times 60 gives you minutes for rotation, 1440.

    The name of the Parthenon isn't open to subjective inference.

    Churchill is the man's last name

    And for this clue "H O R O B O D" Rob in Hood fits perfectly.

    Whoever this was that notified you of a wrong step should be cursed, CURSED!!!! Why don't they have a heart and edge us back to the right path again?


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