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  • Es

    welcome to the board, enjoyed reading your post and look forward to hearing more from you


  • weinermcgee

    Hi again and thanks for the comments, I kinda figured I'd find people like myself here! Great! Here's what made me leave!

    Like I mentioned pretty fun childhood, luckily I was in a congregation that had many kids my age and there was always a function or something social going on wich was great...until... we started discovering girls which I think is late blooming for most witnesses because of all the "bad" stuff that can happen with the oppsosite sex. So 16ish most of my friends are getting trouble and getting girlfriends which realistically in means they date like 8 year olds date which very unnatural, no being alone not even holding hands, you just "like" each other and pass notes at the hall kinda thing. No wonder there are so many messed up relationships, by the time you are 18 you marry just to "date" someone. So thats what I did like most everyone I knew Boy was I stupid.

    So I married a nutcase when I was 19, which I of course didn't know until I was 6 months into it. Gee maybe If was allowed to be alone with this girl I might have been able to realise this before we got married. So 5 years, 2 kids and numerous elders visits to try and help out our marriage that never had a chance to begin with, we divorce. This is when I start questioning things, Why I am I forced to take life advice from someone who has never had kids, never been through what I have or has any real training in the matter besides quoting scriptures. But I trudge on, my wife cheated on me and got disfellowshipped, I am not 100% perfect in the marriage either, I think I was the average anal JW guy but she really was did have emotional mental problems..its not the bitterness talking, no surprise with her JW/military upbringing. But anyways theres never an excuse for cheating.

    So I move back to my childhood cong where my family and lifelong friends are thinking I'd receive lots of love and support, since I was the innocent one in JW terms. I was dead wrong. I was treated like i was disfellowshipped no one would talk to me. no one would come out and directly say it but i was "bad assosiation" because my marriage fell apart. i couldn't believe it! That hurt 10 times worse then being cheated on. So i went into hermit mode slowly stopped attending meetings entirely. Fast forward 2 years I have gone to college things are going well for me, Since i was a self employed janitor my whole life and i didn't want to work with JW's (who owned all the local janitorial businesses) I joined my mom in the family restaurant business (on a side note in seven years even before i joined not one JW set foot in there unless there was a free meal involved...some support they show for one another) So I rent a house and look for a roomate, turns out its a female, big deal or so I thought. Suddenly the elders who did such a great job ignoring me 2 years earlier are on a witch hunt to track me down, to find out if I am living with a woman, come to our restaurant every sunday right after the sunday morning meeting, so say 12:30 during a crazy lunch hour. Gee i wonder why i wouldn't talk to them, first causing a scene in front of customers and how busy i was. So they somnehow track down my roomate at her work and ask her a question, "Do you live with Jeff (me)?" she of course said yes since she isn't familiar with dealing with crazy people. I get a phonecall the next thursday evening and there are 2 elders on the line. They say since I refuse to talk to them ( i said stop coming noon on sundays and i'd gladly talk since my hatred hadn't set in yet) they found out i'm living with a woman (my roomate) and they have made the decision to disfellowship me. I was so astonished said ok goodbye and that was that. I couldn't believe it.

    I personally didn't really care except one little thing. My mom stopped going to meetings when I did for the same reasons as me, you do anything against me you have done to my mom thats her feelings. My brother was 13 or so and I made my father stop forcing him to go when he clearly didn't want to. But my dad was still a full blown 100% loyal witness, and I knew that my DFing would make him more of an outcast then he already was for losing his family to the "world". So I felt that by DFing me who hadn't had any connections to the JW's anyways was just going to make things harder for my father who unfortunately will never leave the religion even though I wish he would so badly. I felt for him knowing how he would be treated like trash because of me.

    So theres my long winded story of how i over came the dark side and came over to the light side, i feel like darth vader, lol.

  • damselfly


    I think it's about time we had a Newfie on the board. My boyfriend and I were in Burin this summer visting his brother. He is now addicted to fries, dressing & gravy.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.


  • I quit!
    I quit!
    Anyways I could go on for hours

    Feel free to!

    Nice meeting you

  • alw

    Welcome - enjoyed your first post - love to hear more - alw

  • jaffacake

    Great to have you here. WELCOME

  • kwintestal

    Welcome. Another East Coaster! I live in Halifax, which I think half of the population are either Newfies or Cape Bretoners.


  • weinermcgee

    hey legolias and qwin my neighbors, actually i only recently moved to newfoundland i consider my home to still be the annapolis valley of nova scotia which i am sure qwin is familiar with...probably seen you taking a 45minute walk/bathroom break at an assembly at the dartmouth sportplex eh?

  • damselfly

    I'm from the Annapolis Valley. I still live here actually Pm me with your details, we probably did walk past each other at the Darmouth Sportsplex.


  • Legolas

    I do believe there are some here from the valley, if I'm not mistaken!

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