fortune tellers

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  • Ellie

    An old gypsy lady just came to my door and asked if she could tell my fortune, as I'm still freaked out by stuff like that I made the excuse of not being able to afford it, she told me as I have such a great future ahead of me she will tell me for free, and then proceeded to tell me something about my family which given the age of my mum could be believed and then told me something really good (however, shes told me not to tell anyone else as this will break my luck).

    If it was you, would you believe her?

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    No! Con-artists!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    If it was you, would you believe her?

    If it comes true, Ellie. Why not?


  • luna2

    That's a new one...never heard of fortune tellers going door to door before. LOL

    I tend to think "con-artist" too. But then I've become much more sceptical about everything since being conned by the WTS. Mostly I fear my own gullibility.

  • ballistic

    The gypsies round here are more likely to rip you off in some bodge it and scarper scam or start a bar brawl, or wreak havoc in the park here where they camp and leave the local council to pay 1000's pounds for the clear up.

  • Elsewhere

    Check to see if anyone slipped in the back door and stole anything while you were being distracted.

    Oh, and make sure you don't tell anyone I warned you about this or something very bad will happen!

  • Qcmbr

    Absolute codswallop. Everyone I've met that ever had any kind of spiritual gift always seemed to keep it quiet and often found it a burden whereas the fakers always paraded themselves (and normally for money.)

  • GentlyFeral

    I do believe that fortune-telling is possible, but that many fortune-tellers are fakes, whether Romany or not.

    Here's a useful page by someone who has 40 years of magical experience – and a sharp ear for scams.

    Psychic Frauds: The Gypsy Fortune Telling Scam

    gently feral

  • proplog2

    She was probably just checking to see if anyone was home, age and number of occupants. They target old widows.

    A little market research going on.

  • rem

    It's a scam, though sometimes the con-artists are even fooling themselves. See for more information.


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