Does the sadness ever leave?

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  • MegaDude

    I had some great times in the JWs with all the people I knew. Sometimes... just sometimes something will happen and an old pleasant JW memory will be jogged and it can make me a bit sad. I wonder how those people are doing and I would like to see them again. Of course, I can't do that without them running away screaming "Flee from the Evil Apostate" so that pretty well brings me back from any pleasant reminiscing or lingering sadness. LOL.

    As far as difficult paths in life, it seems everybody I know has had some hard difficulty or been touched by tragedy. It's a damn shame we had to go through the experience we did, or that anybody has to pass through it. My brother-in-law is a great guy who immigrated from Lebanon. He had to flee his home a couple of times because of war when he was young, and I'm sure he would choose the JW experience over being hunted by the Syrian Army which was seeking to kill him when he was a teenager.

  • confusedjw
    Confused.. Sorry we are Yankee fans!! We are from NY "Getta Outta Here". ( hope that's funny sometimes my jokes are funny in my own mind).

    Well there is the source of your sadness! Cleanse your soul at the feet of David Ortiz! Sox just won 5-3 to tie the Yankees for the lead!

  • evita

    It's funny but I was thinking much the same way last night. I caught my kids cold and also PMS and I felt really down about the whole JW thing. I also have a very good life now and the past is the past. Yet it feels like a bad dream that I can't seem to shake.
    The whole thing seems quite unbelievable. Was I really a die-hard cult member for 10 years? Did I really leave and make a whole new life out of nothing? Did my mother really shun me off and on for 20+ years and then die just as we were starting to bridge the gap? Yes, it did really happen and the only ones who understand are those on JWD.
    In my very worst moments I feel ruined in some core place. In my best times I feel very strong and free.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • ChrisVance

    Actually, I have connected with two people that I knew when we were dyed in the wool dubs, but our reasons for leaving are so different that we can't really relate to each other. One friend still believes the dubs may be jojoba's org, but they just need to shape up. Theother just doesn't want to talk about it. Although I'm really glad I'm in contact with them, we can't really help each other heal.

  • bikerchic


    I know how you feel, I thought I was the only one who felt like that. Not that I'm glad to know someone else feels such sadness but there are time when I think it will totally consume me and I honestly feel like I could die from a broken heart.

    My sadness comes from the loss of family, what was what could have been and what is no longer. I had always pictured or at least thought we would always be together, family gatherings, making memories and enjoying watching the grandkids grow. Living thousands of miles away from my kids makes it worse. I go through weeks of crying a lot like I said the sadness overwhelms me and like you I'm in a new place and have no friends to hang with, but now I have a dog and he makes me laugh and get out. We go for long walks into the forest, he loves looking for creatures he can bark at, plus he's a good listener and never makes me feel bad for crying.

    Does the sadness ever leave? I dunno, visiting more with family helps me it's just been almost a year since I've seen them and that's the longest I've gone so a visit is well over do!

  • Quentin

    There are a great number of people who post to this board...I landed here several months ago and re-connected with an old friend I hadn't seen in thirty years...I was lucky...somewhere out there, perhaps on this board, is someone you know...there are porbably others that post here who know me and I them... we just haven't made the connection'll get there...

  • carla

    So far it doesn't seem to leave nor does anyone else understand.

  • nowisee

    hey pc!

    good to see you.

    i am sorry for the sadness. i too have been looking for someone i might have known way back when without success. i suppose the closest i came was the day i spent with you and remet d.r. but i did not know him well though i recognized his face. when you connect with someone who has shared your experience it does tend to validate your feelings.

    hope you and yours are doing well.

    best wishes and love, nowisee

  • chrissy

    lol @someone asking a new yorker if they are a red sox fan. :) that should give ya a smile....!

    i hope hanging around jwd leaves you feeling less sad and alone...even if just a lil.

  • Es

    sorry that you feel this way....I too at times feel like this even tho i have much to be happy about i still mope and walk round like a zombie not feeling the highs or the lows.

    Hope you work through it


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