Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'planning his own Jehovah's Witness funeral' at Broadmoor

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  • jwleaks

    Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'planning his own Jehovah's Witness funeral' at Broadmoor

    10 February 2015

    While Charles Manson is busy avoiding being displayed in a glass coffin by his now ex-fiancée, Peter Sutcliffe is managing his own mortality within the confines of Broadmoor hospital.

    The Yorkshire ripper apparently met with funeral directors to plan his own send-off.

    Sutcliffe, 68, contacted Holmes and Family funeral directors, whose office is three miles away from the high security hospital in Berkshire.

    He apparently wishes for the ceremony to be performed in line with his Jehovah’s Witness beliefs.

    Sutcliffe was handed 20 life sentences for brutally murdering 13 women in the North of England between 1975 and 1980, and attempting to murder seven others.

    Police believed his killing spree started after he was conned out of money by a prostitute and her pimp.

    However, Sutcliffe later claimed the voice of God had commanded him to undertake the killings.

    The Independent (Lots of photos of Broadmoor Psychiatric Prison)


  • Simon
    His corpse should be thrown in with whatever garbage there is to burn that day.
  • steve2

    I guess this is one conversion JWs will not be happified about - although many of them lack an accurate perception of their organization's embarrassing history and may in all innocence claim that this monster's conversion to their faith is an indicator they have the "truth". Groan. :(


  • 3rdgen
    Goody, another testimonial to the wisdom of prison witnessing.
  • jwleaks


    God commanded me to kill all those woman. I listened and obeyed. God commanded me to become a Jehovah's Witness. I listened and obeyed. God commanded me to get baptised and become an ordained minister of Jehovah's Witnesses. I listened and obeyed. God commanded me to plan a Jehovah's Witness funeral. I listened, obeyed and was blessed. Evidently God speaks to me.


    That`s Awesome News!..

    I hope it`s "Reported" World Wide..  


                                      Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

                Planning his own Jehovah's Witness Funeral at Broadmoor                                     


  • OrphanCrow

    You know, I now see the appeal that the JWs had for him.

    That fucking bastard. He loves the idea of living forever on THIS world. Being resurrected in a real, physical body. He wants to come back here so he can do it again. He likes the idea of staying here. So many victims all over again.

    He doesn't want to go to heaven. He plans to come back for the Great Tribulation.

    That bastard.

    And the Jehovah's Witnesses gave him that promise. 

    *ps - I hope Hell is real. May he rot in Hell for eternity.

  • jwleaks
  • brandnew
    Dude......in prison...its pretty funny how some lames pick up a bible and act all godly, just to get out and commit more crime.  Jailhouse jehoobers.

    Which Peter Sutcliff was actually baptised?? Will the real Peter Sutcliff please stand up !


    My beef is: People have been denied baptism cos they did not meet the 10 hours / mth requirement. One young sister was told to hold off baptism cos she had recently had a belly ring inserted. .........................

    So Bro Pete gets through the big A and the victims families get trashed [as graphically depicted in WTS artwork]  

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