Look at this fear mongering graphic from latest WT

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  • steve2

    No where in that gloom-ridden Watchtower graphic is the cornerstone year - 1914 - featured.

    Who'd have thought the Watchtower would have ever created such a graphic without some dramatic highlighting of 1924 and its vital link to the great battle of God the Almighty?

    Oh, right - given that 1914 is now more that 100 years ago, it becomes all a bit too complicated for a graph, especially one depicting the urgency of the times.

  • konceptual99

    These timeline graphics are appearing regularly now in WT publications.  Ones like this are complete smoke and mirrors since there is actually NO TIME on the timeline.

    It gives all the impression of the authors knowing what they are talking about, being clear and logical.  It's says everything yet nothing.  The prediction is cheap, it's a simple interpretation of the Bible yet by avoiding any indication of time it remains ethereal and without any real substance. No one can claim they are wrong as it will always be in the future.

    It reinforces the idea the GB know what they are talking about using easily digested visuals but, as usual, has as much depth as a puddle.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Wait a minute!!!

    Didn't the Watchtower teach for the past 100 years that Jesus came to his throne in 1914 and his reign began then? Or have I been out so long that sometime after the 1960s they decided that didn't happen?

    I'm so confused...


  • konceptual99

    Yes,  He began to reign in 1914 as a King in Heaven.  His first act was to evict Satan.

    Then he is going begin reigning again as King, not withstanding he is already reigning, for the 1000 year reign.  The kingdom will carry on and he will have another stint of reigning even though he is already reigning.  Twice.  This time forever.

    It really is that simple.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Watchtower-Free
  • Watchtower-Free

    Lion in Window May 2015 Watchtower

  • innerpeace
    Watch out for Mufasa! I can't believe people can still look at these types of illustrations with a straight face, it's too funny.
  • innerpeace

    Or Scar I should say, the big bad lion. It really does amaze me that there are ones who think an invisible lion is looking at them during their daily activities, whether naughty or nice 

  • WingCommander

    Wait......are those photos with the lions in them.....are they for REAL?  Seriously?  That's kind of disrespectful to lions, and anyone who loves large veracious cats.  (me).  Shouldn't those pictures instead have a non-descript "wild beast", or possibly a whore of Babylon, or even a Catholic Preacher?  Like for instance....that family photo....you could have a Pope type figure peaking in the windows with an evil grin?  And the guy at the computer.....he could be being watched by the internet cable that is coiled up and hissing like a Satan-esq snake?  Seems unfair to me to use a lion.  After all, I've heard many times that Jesus went out of this world as the lamb, but shall return as a "Lion". 

    The graphics on the timeline look like something from a Call of Duty or Modern Warfare video game.   Who's creating this stuff?  Who is it trying to appeal to?  Why does AMIII need an entire article about himself?  (unheard of idolatry if ever I saw it)   

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