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    Hehe, that's the stuff I've been studying literally every day for over a year now, and the door to the info I've searched for my whole life... If you don't want me to unload my thoughts about it, don't send me those emails, lol. But since it's about 90% of who I am now, I thought you'd at least be curious, so here's my response anyway :) It is the most passionate subject to me. It may seem neat and intereresting, but to me it is the intro to the only "truth" though I reget having to use that word for obvious reasons. It has nothing to do with anything controvertial, it is the flat out wisdom that leads to all understanding of everything everywhere, when the true connection is made of just how valuable this info is and what it leads to. Forget that Im just a pal only half your age for a sec, and just consider this a possiblility that you can look into for yourself. You can always just blow it off. It is in fact my opinion. Like we always say, its all about being able to share each others opinion with one another. Take it or leave it, it's simply the understanding that binds friends. My opinion is this. There is believing and there is knowing. Faith in a religion is believing. Truly understanding that 1+1=2 is knowing. My direct experience and research recently has come to know for myself at least: It is not only fascinating information your looking into, it's the source of information itself. The once secret knowledge that wars are fought over, that is beginning to come to light for the world. The actual "keys to the kingdom", the holy grail itself... It is literally the doorway to conscious evolution (the way out of the "fall of mankind"). The door to immortality (the roadmap to where you go when you die, and how to live harmoniously now). It's like someone showing you "words" for the the very first time, so you can describe the things you experience. But learning how to use them and combine them to create sentences and eventually communicate with others can take you more than just a ways forward. More like a giant leap in evolution. Things like the golden mean or "phi" (1.618...), pi (3.14...), the fibonacci sequence(1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21...), the binary sequence (1,2,4,8,16, 32, 64...), the square roots of 2,3, and 5, the pythagorean theom(a2+b2=c2), the mandelbrot formula, etc, all known as "sacred geometry", are fundamental mathematics in themselves, but are absolutely sacred. The relationship between them is what they leave out in school, and that is the most important thing! They describe all creation including ourselves. Why our bodies look the way they do, what consciousness actually is, whats happening to you during an orgasm etc. The list is infinite. Now the idea that "no one knows the secrets of the universe" is absolutely not true. Many know, and it's is free to all, ready and waiting for the pure of heart to find. It is simply that if you don't understand it, you cant comprehend that it is possible to understand it. Once you do, you see it is merely a question of who is worthy to wield it? And how does one attain this knowledge? The facts themselves are becoming an open book to the world, but is is the insight to understand its true value that counts. Otherwise, no one sees the connection, so no one cares, and they live out there lives, oblivious, just like the matrix. And thats ok. The fact is, we are all connected directly to "God", only the pathway between us is a literal labyrinth we've become lost in, like a long tangled electrical circuit that has been stretched very very thin though our own doings. This knowledge shows the correct path out of the maze. If we've never seen it though, we can't imagine it. We think we know all there can be known, every moment of our lives. But it is only after our discoveries that we go "ooooh, I had no idea!" Ever wonder what seperates the inventors and discoverers from the people who simply follow and learn from them? Learning about things like genetics, neurology and astro-physics takes genius just to understand the teachings, but what about the guy who pulled that knowledge out of thin air?! What made these people so special? Could theere be a universal primer that only some people are lucky enough to know? A "key" to creation itself? A pattern that matter itself follows? If that were the case how would you feel if you knew it? What would you do if you knew the steps to take to create anything you wanted? Who is worthy to wield such knowledge to create literally anything they want, good or bad? How hard would you try to protect it if you knew? Imagine the possibilities both negative and positive. Is the attainment of this information just luck? Is it just random genius? Just "hand-me-down" info from people like Einstein? Standing on each others shoulders for generation after generation to eventually create greatness? Or could there be buried deep within our brain something else? Foretunately many have discovered it and managed to preserve it through the ages, but many have unfortunately been lured into the temptation to use it to control others with it. I mean if you had such power, wouldn't it be tempting? The lord of the rings revolves around this, among countless other stories. Man in his current state is too easily seduced by greed and power to wield such knowledge. Or are they ready now? The current state of the world can tell. The knowledge is there, deep within all of us, and there is a connection between it and the day-to-day world we live in. It is the foundation of all religion, all science, all biological growth and life, all medicine, all anatomy, all astronomy, all music, all technology & engineering, all matter and energy, all the dimensions, all emotion (including love and sex), procreation (the how's and why's), all consciousness and mental thought, evolution, who we are, where we were, and where we are going, and and even leads to understanding the mathematics of what God is...EVERYTHING! That surely sounds like an outrageous claim, but if you keep learning about it, even just looking at it without completely groking it right now, you unconsciously unlock ancient areas of your brain and whether you like it or not, and in time it will all start to make sense. You brain "hurting" is like the burn after a physical workout (I know it was a joke but it's true). The breaking down of barriers you don't realize exist till you're standing on the other side. You will begin to see who we really are, and what's really going on in the biggest sense of the phrase you can imagine. Life starts to become one long peak experience (those moments of epiphany). Trouble is, though comprehensible to the average person where there is a will, it is very big and complicated and takes alot of patience and contemplation to put all the pieces together. And no one else will get it, or think you're sane unless they are ready... and most people aren't ready yet. Besides, you will find the knowledge is meant only for those who find it through love and understanding. Not the lame way it sounds, but the literal biological effects love and understanding mathematically has on your cellular communication. All resistance, hatred, judgement, addiction, denial etc (negative energy) is like slamming a door on the natural energy flow in your body... the cause of all bodily deterioration. All the talk about sin in the bible is directly related to our own blocking of our connection to God biologically. God is like a river that flows through us, and "sin" is like building a dam. The flow simply stops, and the water begins to stagnate. That's why there is no "hiding" from God, or tricking. It is absolutely up to us. There's no one there to "judge", it's a metaphor. Our body is his (it's) temple. When we find balance and let go, our body responds... physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and the channels begin to open... or as I mentioned above, the maze literally begins to unwind, and the river begins to flow again. I think thats happening to you. The cool thing is it seems to happen before we realize it. Once we understand it, and know what should happen soon, we realize it had already happened :) We are already enlightened, and already perfect. We just forgot as a species. Our opening of the channels shows us that we already had the knowledge of everythig deep inside us. In fact our human bodies are the literal blueprint of the entire universe! It's not speculation, it's provable through mathematics. We are the balance point, the center, the systematic anamoly, the "image" of God. If you look at a lens flare of light, you see that at the right angle it is the same as our solar system, and the same as the energy centers of the human body. It is just light at different harmonic octaves. Our perception is completely dependent on our senses. However that is something like .01% of whats really infront of you at all times. When the maze begins to unwind, the senses are no longer the only way to percieve the world. You literally start "seeing" more in the weirdest way imaginable. Subtle at first, but very real, and certainly much clearer. Anyway, The post was good, but there's tons of info out there for free on the net, written by truly enlightened individuals that explain much more clearly, through decades of direct experience. Look into things like "the flower of life", "the platonic solids", "phi" of course, or also known as the Golden Mean, and it's relationship to the fibonacci sequence, sacred geometry, San Graal, Guys like Drunvalo Melchiezedek, Dan Winter, DaVinci (amazing people), and definitely the Egyptians and their temples (like Luxor- the temple of man, Dendera, and the Great Pyramid etc etc etc), each which they supplied all their knowledge through symbolism and structure. It's much more than you can possibly imagine. None of which is mere speculation. The great thing about sacred geometry is that you can't take any step without proving the one before it. Anyway, you probably think I'm bozo, sorry I wrote so much. For all I know you were just forwarding someone elses post, but I dont think so. There's just no one I know even remotely close to understanding any of this, so I get pumped when I hear my best friend suddenly talking about phi, lol! All I kow is it's not the kind of stuff you can "sum up". It really contains every question you ever wanted to know about. Ryman

    I still find a walk with my dog around the lake...very satisfying. u/d(of the you don't know what you don't know class)

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    rebel8 wrote: "That was very interesting. I'm hungry for some raspberry pie pi now. [redacted graphical representation of an emotion apparently similar to the feeling experienced upon sitting down at a place setting of Brutalist-influence]

    "I have read similar things before. It is really hard to explain it away as a coincidence."

    Although I am purposely misunderstanding your comment rebel8, the coïncidence that you have read something similar before comes from the fact that this post was lifted in its entirety from:


    I am certain that a mathematical education should be the second highest priority for anyone who has ever been under the sway of Fundamentalists-- especially simple-minded numerologists like the Jehovah's Witnesses-- but failure to cite the author(s) of such a lengthy work is grossly misleading, as the comments that followed indicate.

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    Simon the 42nd digit is a 9....just thought I could help you out....remember 9...and you are up to 42!!!

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    welcome back donkey.

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    the coïncidence that you have read something similar before comes from the fact that this post was lifted in its entirety from:


    Ahh, that makes sense to me now.

    I think if we are going to quote huge chunks that are lifted from other places we should credit the real author.

    Also maybe if we are going to life huge chunks we should look at reading it ourselves and editing it a bit so that its accessible to everyone and not just those posters who have a spare 2 hours, and maybe put the reference for the rest of the article so that those who are interested can go to the site of origin and do additional research themselves.

    Simon, im mightily impressed at your knowledge of Pi. I show my kids at school the Pi website, and the Pi museum, and Pi day and the books you can buy that just have Pi in to however many decimal places - I get really enthusiastic about it, and they laugh at me (not with me!!!).

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