What inspires you to post here?

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  • Krystal

    After leaving the org I tried to explain my sitution and what my family was feeling/thinking to some of my friends as a means of moral support... (an oulet!) but they just dont get it.

    To me, it is really great to be able to talk about JW issues with people who understand EXACTLY what you mean. You can't understand JW's untill you have been one.

    Plus you guys are pretty funny!!

  • Krystal

    Opps... I hit the submit button twice... couldn't delete so I shall edit... too much coffee for me!

  • schne_belly

    To prove to myself that I'm not really crazy, like the JW's think I am. Or atleast I'm not the ONLY one who IS crazy HA!

    I actully don't POST too often.... I guess I'm a bit shy and figure who wants to listen to me?!... SO I usually just read others posts. I look at this site as my "therapy session" each day. It's helped me cope with what I'm experiencing and remain strong with the decision my family and I are making. I feel close to so many on here since we are all plugging along, doing the best that we can. Just knowing others are dealing with the same thing, is a comfort.

  • Billygoat

    I originally started posting because I was learning. I couldn't believe the vast array of information that supported my gut feeling that the JWs were NOT the true religion. Then it turned into a place of healing. I could relate to all the stories of different people that experienced exactly what I experienced. Then it turned into me feeling a need to help others heal. Today I heal and try to help others heal. But lately, I've felt the need to take a break from here. It's so damn hard though. This place is addictive.

  • Forscher

    Finally-free said: "You can find nice blondes anywhere. I come to rant and rave like a rabid demonized apostate bastard from hell."

    Works for me friend.


  • Cygnus


    That and there's a certain camaraderie that exists here, and we don't even have to offer Simon any sexual favors to use his board.

  • vitty

    Well im blonde, nice to meet you!

    I first came here by accident, when I was still "in" It really helped me to escape although at the time I didnt want to. I was trying hard to stay in!

    Ive been on a lot of sites, but this one is so different. I felt instantly at home here, and felt a real connection with the other posters, even the ones I didnt agree with. Im totally addicted, its the first thing I do in the mornings and I jump on and off through the day( I have to do SOME housework )

    I just feel now, I have to contribute if I can, and not just take. There are new ones every week and I think its important to keep this board as active as possible

  • prophesariah

    I came on board via my husband. He is a regular poster. We would discuss some of the topics or humorous postings of others. I would express my opinion occasionally. He incorporated our discussions within his posts. Finally he introduced me and brought me in.

    During the course of my recovery from a lengthy illness, where I was not able to maintain contact with family and friends, I have been able to slowly feel more comfortable communicating and extending myself in support of others on the internet. I have also made strides to reestaablish contact with my family.

    Although I have never been a JW, I enjoy reading the posts, I learn more about what you guys are struggling with, and hopefully can be encouraging where/when I can.

  • googlemagoogle


    and the spirit of the world.

  • PaulJ

    Without wanting to sound too noble, I hope I can help people who have left the borg, just like people helped me when I joined the site.

    Additionally, I had some good friends who I hope may have left since I spoke to them and this seems like the best place for them to come if they left.

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