Got a letter from my parents...

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  • Krystal

    Well guys, yet again I am blown away by the support and good advice that I have seen here... I am telling you there is more love on this board then I have ever felt in any kingdom hall!

    I have some to two conclusions:

    1) I am going to send a card and some flowers to my grandmother,

    2) I am going to write a letter to my parents explaining how very difficult it was for me to receive their letter. I am going to tell them that I have no interest in "returning to the fold" and that by reminding me what I am missing out on they are only further convincing me how disgusting this cult-like organization is.

    3) I am also going to send a congratulations to my sister and express my grief in not being able to share this special say with her.

    Thank you again for your support and suggestions and I will let you know what happens next!!


  • bikerchic

    I have some to two conclusions:

    Excellent Krystal! All three of your ideas are great! Keep us posted ok.

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