Why No Knocking ???

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  • Jeannine

    My husband and I are not JW's. My husband sympathizes with the religion because his entire family is "in". As a result, he has come to know a local JW (non-relative). This JW does not know my in-laws because they live in different towns. For a few months, this JW would knock on our door every Saturday and try to make small talk about the religion with my husband. My husband was curtious, but always blew him off. All the "talks" were limited to our front porch because my husband was afraid to invite the guy inside. Anyway, for the past few weeks, this JW has been leaving the magazines and books in our door without knocking or attempting to "talk". Often, we are home and see the guy drop the mags and take off with his JW group. What is going on? I am GLAD AS HELL that this guy is no longer bugging us by knocking, but at the same time...I am curious. What is the point of leaving mags and running? I think my husband made it clear that he does not want a bible study. I don't understand this religion. By the way, this guy keeps underlining warnings of "the end" in certain publications. Why try to scare the crap out of people? Not that I believe any of this stuff. I just can't understand what this guy's point is. I am ready to hang a sign on my door that says, "Stop leaving what amounts to death threats in my screen door, you nutcase". I am trying so hard to be nice.

  • jeeprube

    He's using you to build his stats. You're a number on a piece of paper to him.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Jeannine, yes to what Jeeprube said.

    He is "placing" literature on his timecard. He is also counting your home as a "callback". He is underlining the end of the world stuff to try to scare you into studying and becoming JW's. He probably honestly believes that what he is doing is right.

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  • Elsewhere

    Yup... he is trying to pad his Field Service Report that he turns in at the end of every month.

    He gets to mark you down as a "call back" (also called a "Return Visit"), literature placement and I suspect he is using the underlining as a way to also mark you down as a "Bible Study".

  • dedpoet

    Hi Jeannine, and welcome. The trick of leaving literature without attempting to make contact is a common one amongst JWs. He's probably run out of things to say that will get you into a Bible study, so now he's using scare tactics. He will probably knock again sometime in the future to see if he's softened you up enough to study with him. I love the idea of leaving him a note to stop posting death threats through your door, I wish I'd thought of that when the JWs first came a - knocking here.

  • Sassy

    I agree, he probably figures this is a Magazine Call that will never lead to a bible study, so he just uses you guys for a magazine placement and to get his time started..

    I can not imagine however they are encouraging this.. but it is on his own.. First of all, by just leaving it at your doorstep, you are missing the opportunity to donate to that world wide arrangement of bible students.. and the WTS wants your money..

    and of course they also want to push you to convert..

    My guess is.. his heart really isn't into going in service, but is doing it because he has to..

  • Billygoat


    My guess is.. his heart really isn't into going in service, but is doing it because he has to..

    You took the words out of my mouth.

  • Sassy

    lol.. I used to be one of those guys..

    knocking so softly that I hoped no one would answer! I hated service!

  • Jeannine

    Well, if this JWs heart really isn't in it and he is feeling pressured to go door knocking, I feel horrible for him. He is clearly physically disabled as he walks with cane. He is a fairly young guy who ought to be enjoying life. He appears to have great difficulty with both legs and his hips that is getting progressively worse by the week. I am guessing he might have MS or some degenerative disease. He talked to my husband about all his "pain meds" before, but never mentioned what his medical problem was. Another question: why wouldn't the JWs that hang around with this guy be the ones to walk up our steps considering this guy has such a hard time walking? He is always with a few JWs that wait in the car while he struggles to get up the stairs. Not all disabled people want help and I understand that allowing them to be independant brings dignity to them. However, I was wondering if there was also some JW rule that the one who "finds" the house must also be the one who keeps walking up the stairs.

  • jgnat

    With a disability like that, he has a good shot at a speaking part at the next convention. He would be upheld as a "fine brother" whose "example" provides such a "good witness" to the householders for his "perseverance".

    Yes, he's moving fast to keep his numbers up before his legs give out. It's all about numbers. His disability is a temporary thing in his mind. As soon as the world ends, he gets a new body. Which might also explain the highlighting.

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